2008 Turftracer Hp 19/48" Electric Start w/150 hrs and extras


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Des Moines, Iowa
I am deciding to sell my 2008 turftracer hp. Mower is in excellent condition and has been maintained extrememly well. Mower has at max 150 hours on it. You will be able to tell if you took a look at in person. Unit is a 19 hp kawi with electric start and comes with a 48" deck. Mower will also come with bagger and stripe kit. $6,400 FIRM. I do not have any pics at the moment because it is in storage right now, but I will try to get some if buyer is serious.


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Long Island NY
Sorry but I can get them for a little more than that here. Granted they dont have a stripe kit or bagger but I still think your price is high. I think closer to 5k would be fair.

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murfreesboro, tn
Were are you located?
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