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    After almost a year of research i put this business plan together

    Was going to start this year but a illness to my mother kept me from doing so

    Am ready to start this upcoming season though

    This plan is a Go Big plan hoping to make this my carrer and make good money while doing so

    Business Plan for 2009-2010 Mowing season

    Name - Premium Lawn Care
    Advantage Lawn Care - "Always One Step Ahead"

    Goals - Start a succusful business by providing superior lawncare at a competitive price.

    Experience - Working as a full time employee on one of the top golf courses in daviess county
    Working as a part time employee for a succusfully owned solo lawn care business

    Advertisment - mass amount of advertisment including Door Hangers, Flyers,Paper Ad, Yellow Book Ad,
    Business Cards ,T-shirts, Yard Signs,Truck Magnents, Trailor Signs, and good work intreging costumers to refer

    Flyers- Pass out around 5,000 flyers by myself Febuary - March
    Company to pass out 20,000 Flyers from March 1 - April 1

    Referals - Costumers get 10 % off for each client (25 % max) that they refer to our services and
    sign up for a Seasonal account mowing every week

    Projected Costumers based on Advertisment -

    Door Hangers - With a .5% feed back - 125 Clinets
    Paper Ad - 10 Costumers per season
    Yellow Book - 10 Costumers per season

    145 weekly clients

    With other advertising not having a controlled number it is hard to correctly estimate succusess.

    EStimate Yards Per Week Based soly on door hangers with a 1 % feed back rate

    Low - 80 Middle - 165 High - 225
    Weekly income
    (25 $ avg. yard) 2000 4125 5625

    Yearly income 48000 103125 135000


    1-15 - Start with Push Mower , Edger , Weedeater , Blower

    16-60 - Solo with 32" zero turn mower , edger , weedeater , blower, shrub trimmers
    Will be also offer Mulching , Shrub Trimming and minor landscaping

    60-100 one employee same equipment and services

    100 - 150 Two employees same equipment and services

    150 - 200 One crew with 3 employees Two sets of equipment and provide same services
    One crew with 2 employees

    Starting Investment -

    Push Mower - 600.00

    Commerical Edger - 400.00

    Commerical Weedeater - 250.00

    Commerical Blower - 250.00

    Door Hangers - 1600.00

    Door Hanger Dist. - 2000.00

    Newspaper Ad - 120.00

    T - Shirts - 50.00

    Weedeating Line - 35.00

    Trailor Sign - 10.00

    Yard Signs - 100.00

    Truck Magnent - 40.00

    Total - 5415.00

    Investment for Upgrade - After 15 weekly Yards

    Commerical Zero Turn Mower - 4500.00

    Trailor - 1000.00

    Yellow Book Ad - UNKOWN

    Trimmer Racks - 180.00

    Total - 5600.00

    Total Investemtn - 11015.00

    Keys to investment -

    After all expenses are payed 50% of the remaing weekly income will be payed towards loan.

    So tell me what you think or if you see any flaws any advice is welcomed and appreciated
  2. davis45

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    Looks like you have alot of thought into this. I want to wish you luck gaining that many accounts, it will be tough but good luck. First off I would say a higher average lawn than $25. You also need to add time in there for shrub trimming, leaf cleanup, and misc jobs. with 100+ customers it is certain alot will want these things done.

    Now prices, couple concerns.

    Newspaper Ad - 120.00 ..... How long will you run this for? I can get the small town papers for about $20 a month. However, I think I was paying around $114 for the larg newspapers.

    T - Shirts - 50.00 ...How many do you plan to buy? I believe if your having them screen printed the setup fee alone will be about $20 or more.

    Trailor Sign - 10.00 ...I would reccomend not going cheap. Amateur signs will make you look like a scrub IMO. Spend a couple hundred and get good professional signs.

    Good luck!
  3. P.Services

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    my first thought was to laugh!!!! second thought was learn how to spell trailer. commercial blower $250???? try $500 whip $250????. you are just going to be another lowballing hack.
  4. Albery's Lawn & Tractor

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    Best of luck. Why bother with yellow pages and newspaper if your only going to gain (expected to gaid) such few customers from the high dollar investment? The main problem will be handling the phone calls once they start rolling in. You'll have to go out to each property to give an estimate. With that many accounts you'll need to have good quality equipment as well as qood backups.
  5. davis45

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    Ok ok, I re-read this and your missing alot. You only have prices for ONE blower and trimmer. Grab a couple of each. Backpack blower? Say a little over 500. Trimmers around $320 each. What about mowers? if you plan to have that many accounts, if your mower is down for a day your WAY behind. Might want to think about a backup mower also. Add in money for repairs and maint. also. Spark plugs, oil, oil and air filters, fuel filters, etc etc. I see no spot for your large FUEL bill either. Remember your taxes also, thats a huge part. INSURANCE, workers comp, license/FEIN number. After reading this over, your leaving alot out. Sit back and look EVERYTHING over again then post up your new plan.

    Do you already have a truck? Your not going to get much of a trailer for $1k either.
  6. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Nice work, you put some thought into this.
    as Davis said, in your financial forecast, you forgot GAS which is huge, taxes (income tax and soc sec tax), insurance (at least Genl Liab.)

    Also, you mentioned a loan to start your biz. If you start small, forget the loan. Scratch and claw your way to a few customers first with a few nice pieces of equipment, then upgrade from there. You don't need no stinkin loan:)

    Also, passing out 5K flyers seems way aggressive by yourself, unless you have help (which you may have). I would knock this down to a 1,000 or so.
  7. M&SLawnCare

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    I thought your equipment estimates where low as well. Unless your planning on using second hand equipment, in which case you need to budget quite a bit for upkeep and repairs. Truck magnets, trailer signs, and yards signs will go for at least double what you estimated, for something semi professional.

    You might want to include how you plan to pay yourself in there as well. Since you mentioned a loan I'm guessing you have no money set aside. So how do you plan to pay your bills?

    25 average a cut? That sounds very low unless your targeting tiny postage stamp yards, or planning to go for big volume at the expense of quality and low ball your bids (in which case you should change your slogan and focus on price, not superior quality).
  8. elite lawns

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    man that alot of customer for the first year but good luck at it
  9. topsites

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    It sounds good, but I seem to have missed the definition of successful...
    The rest of it isn't bad, but I would address the success issue, somewhat,
    some kind of way, doesn't have to be perfect.
  10. ALC-GregH

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    Good luck handing out 5000 flyers within a month. You will be doing it 10hrs a day. then 20K flyers? Dude, that will take more time doing then you'll imagine.

    I've found that handing out flyers and other stuff won't get you to the top. Word of mouth and quality of work will put you there.

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