2009 P.G Magnum

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    the new 2009 Magnum has 3 main improvements:

    SmartSteer is a patent pending "power steering" system that makes the Magnum 50% easier to steer. Amazingly the handles, controls and PermaGreen steering motion haven't changed. The only difference is that SmartSteer automatically cuts the steering effort in half! SmartSteer is so naturally intuitive there is nothing extra to learn or think about and no extra levers to pull. You never have to let go so both you and the machine are always under control.

    The Magnum SmartSteer also has a hand-operated braking system that works well in both forward and reverse.

    A silky smooth push pull cable opens and closes the hopper. It is heavy duty stainless steel and has 3/16 inch threaded operating ends.

    All these systems have been thoroughly field tested under actual heavy production conditions, and they have been performing extremely well. The technicians involved in the testing, in the most enthusiastic terms, prefer operating the SmartSteer over any of the other PermaGreens they have used in the past.

    We will show the SmartSteer for the first time on Aug. 21 at the Indiana State Lawn Care Association show.
    I will try to post the picture I have soon.
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    Sounds good (we're always shopping). Have they addressed the "fighting of the gears" or the constant repair probs? Have wiring/pump problems improved? Does it spread & spray farther? What's the spread/spray width now? Has handling hills improved? How 'bout operator fatigue -- better? I want to test drive one. We'll see how it compares. Thanks much for the update -- we'll test it & see how it compares.
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    Nice. But maybe that is why I have always operated mine with the handles in the "down" position. See avatar. Easy to steer. A leverage thing, i suppose.

    Better brakes are a good idea. I used to hate releasing the parking brake and careening down the ramp backwards at 30 miles per hour. Keep it in gear--I learned.

    And I want fenders, too. I would like to make it impossible to accidentally step on a spinning rear wheel--ouch that hurts.

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    Is the smart steer going to be an upgrade we can install on an 08 pg? I would upgrade it in a heartbeat, if price was ok.

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    Have they done anything to upgrade the pump system for spraying WP's etc? What is the price point?

    I am looking into a used skid sprayer for chemicals that I cannot use with the PG. An upgraded pump system would solve many of my problems and would help them retain customers lost to the competition for this reason.

    As I am typing this I came up with a feature that no one I am aware of is offering in a ride on. Assuming that the spray system gets upgraded some day to cover the carrier volume or WP issues associated with PG's. What if PG or the competition offered removable tanks so you might be able to carry fungicides, herbicides and insecticides separately for spot treatments or service calls.
  6. RigglePLC

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    Good idea Fert tek. i think I have seen some discussion on this site about an auxillary tank that was set up to go in the hopper. You need a couple extra valves.
    Anybody want agitation for the tank? Does anybody feel like they need three hands to operate the throttle, pump, spreader and trim valve at the same time?
  7. jbturf

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    would definately like agitation, but also a lower mounted larger tank with mechanical
    and jet agitation. i definately need an extra hand to operate the z-spray
    but not the PG

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    I will post some more info in a day or two after I meet with Tom.
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    Please let me know as soon as you have pics! I am a big PG fan and can't wait to see it!

    Any idea where the price will be? How soon will they be available?

    This is AWESOME!
  10. teeca

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    if you call PG they will set you up with a conversion kit to spray higher volums per K

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