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Discussion in 'Toro' started by rem-md, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. rem-md

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    What exactly are the differences in the 2009 23hp/52" Grandstand vs the 2010 24hp/52" (other than the obvious 1 HP increase :) ). I've read several threads that talk about changes and updates - such as some sort of frame upgrades, a change to solid rod hydro controls from the original cable system, new deck lift assist springs, different throttle cable mechanics, etc. Even my local dealer was a little unsure of what the changes were - said they were having trouble getting new mowers in from the factory quick enough. Hoping this is the place to get the straight info directly from the manufacturer.

    I'm down to the Toro or Exmark machine for my purchase (although I've only seen a 2009 Toro in person). There are subtle differences, but different things I like about both machines.

  2. lilweeds

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    Slightly larger fuel tank
    Different lift system, just like the Exmark now.
    Throttle cable is different, but the 09 can be fixed, same thing with most of the frame changes
    They are still using cables, and from what I am told the Exmark is having issues with the rods, but the part the goes between the cables and the pumps are built different, and from what I hear should be trouble free.
    I think that cover the major changes.
  3. thompson_lawncare

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    We bought a 2009 52" Grandstand last year and we had a few problems...this year we ended up buying a 36" and they made some great improvements, overall I would say that they took a look at the problems with last years models and fixed all of the problems that they had. I wish I had the money to buy another 52" because last years model was really productive and I wouldn't hesitate to purchase this years.
  4. mandmearthscapes

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    I am actually trading in my 2009 52" 23hp grandstand today, I had so many problems they are swapping me out, I do have to come up with $250 (shipping or something) but it is the 2010 52" 24hp model. I really hope that the improvements do not have me bringing in this model 8 times in a year.
  5. lilweeds

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    was that something your dealer did, or Toro direct?
  6. rem-md

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    Thanks for the reply guys. Just wish my dealer could get a shipment from Toro so I could see one in person.
  7. mandmearthscapes

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    The service manager pushed for it with TORO when the frame cracked, that was the ninth service I had on it in a year.
  8. The Toro Company

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    Rem-md -

    Summary of 48"/52" GrandStand changes for 2010 ...

    Engine: The 24 hp Kawasaki FS engine replaces the 23 hp Kawasaki FH engine.

    Deck lift system: The deck lift assistance on the 2010 models is provided by a pair of extension springs (as opposed to the gas springs used on the 2009 models). Benefits include improved longevity and the ability to adjust the amount of lift assistance to accommodate different preferences or different applications. In addition, improvements were also made to the lift handle and associated parts.

    Frame: Changes were made to the design of the frame primarily to accommodate the addition of the new 60" GrandStand model, and to ensure greater consistency in the manufacturing process.

    Throttle control: The 2010 throttle control cable "pulls" the engine control plate to high idle (as opposed to the 2009 design where the cable "pushed" the control plate to high idle). This change was made to better handle variation in the resistance of the engine control plates.

    Steering controls: A number of enhancements have been made to the Toro steering controls for 2010, including more robust spherical rod ends on the steering cables, oil impregnated bushings in pivot hubs, improved alignment and clearance between parts, and tighter tolerances (including the replacement of wire form connecting links with laser cut parts for greater consistency). Because the hydraulic pumps move relative to the control levers (in response to changes in the height of the cutting deck), the hydraulic pumps cannot be controlled with a solid link. We will continue to utilize push-pull cables (rather than a series of moving links) to activate the hydraulic pumps, because they significantly simplify adjustment of the controls and they ensure the machine can achieve maximum ground speed throughout the entire range of cutting heights. As an added benefit, GrandStand models will continue to feature the exclusive variable speed control (patent pending) that can be used to change the drive tire response by adjusting the sensitivity of the control levers.

    Fuel tank: Fuel capacity of the 2010 models increases from 6.8 gallons to 7.8 gallons.

    Operator pad: The material of the operator pad on the 2010 Toro GrandStand models changed from vinyl to a Cordura(R) fabric, which breathes better and is more durable in this application.

    What didn't change for 2010: The 2010 models will continue to deliver the outstanding operator comfort, exceptional hillside performance, and incredible TURBO FORCE cut (particularly in dense and wet conditions) that made the Toro GrandStand the talk of the industry in 2009.

    Hopefully you found this summary helpful, but please let us know if you have additional questions.

    -The Toro Company
  9. rem-md

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    Mr. Toro -

    Excellent summary! Thanks for taking the time to put it together. All the changes sound very positive for the machine. I know it's not new for 2010, but I think the Variable Speed Control lever was an excellent idea - it's certainly a much more refined (and useful) solution than the adjustable bar used on the Exmark Vantage for speed control.

    Now if production and delivery can catch up, I think Toro will have a lot of these units on the street Thumbs Up
  10. JD1515

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    Anyone know how to change the gas lift stabilizers on the 2009 models? Mine went out and were fairly simple to take off once I got to the nuts. Problem is the new ones are hard as rocks and I dont know how ill get the piston of the dampener to push in while I try to align the holes. Has anyone done this yet? Is their a write-up on this?

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