2009 weirdest hassles - anybody else?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by americanlawn, Nov 27, 2009.

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    I have two:

    a) Rural route Bondurant, IA. July 2009: On my way to diagnose tree problems for an existing lawn care customer (service call), I got a call on my cell phone while driving to her location. The phone call was from my CPS rep discussing (serious) prices, so I parked my truck on a rural driveway to continue my phone call & while trying to make a making a buying decision.

    While discussing prices with my rep, the "homeowner" drove up. This (upper eighties) man pulled up beside my pickup & stopped his car beside me, then gave me a dirty look. He did not move his car and continued to give me a dirty look. So I put Jeff on hold and kindly explained to the gentleman that I pulled off the rural blacktop highway to answer my phone because that's what folks are supposed to do for safety reasons according to the D.O.T. Well that mad him even more angry.

    His responded by saying, "In my lane?????"

    I left his driveway and parked across the highway, knowing that I was actually parked on "county property" --- not his, cuz there's about a fifty foot right-away that belongs to the county.

    b) Last month. I treated a long-time customer's property in Ames, IA. (winterizer granular fert).

    Her juniper shrubs in her front yard were quite mature and had actually grown onto her neighbor's property. So to treat the south side of her lawn, I actually had to 'enter' her neighbor's lawn by about 3 feet to access her side yard.

    When I arrived at the south side of her lawn, the next door neighbor saw me and said I was trespassing on his property. I politely explained my dilemma, but this guy would have no part of it. I had a spreader full of fert, and the junipers were 4 foot tall. So I was "boxed in" on the south side of our customer's lawn. Couldn't go anywhere. Fortunately, I had my cell phone. I called Ames cops. They arrived within 10 minutes.

    Guess what the outcome was. :laugh:

    Anybody else experience weird individuals this year? rscvp, thanks.
  2. punt66

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    Well i dont think their is aything weird about a guy being annoyed that your parked in his drivway talking on the phone. I would think that was weird if i came home to that as i am sure you would. Your second story was a little weird. I have an interesting one.

    I removed 6 dead tall oaks from a wealthy clients property. They were dead because the site contractor backfilled over the roots during construction. I am chipping the branches when the home owner drives in. She starts freaking out. She asked what i was doing. I pulled out the signed contract and showed her what i was doing. She looked shocked. Her husband accepted it without her consent i guess. She then begins to yell at me because i was "destroying the branches". ha? So i asked her what should i do with them. She said to drag them to the woods at the edge of her property so the wild animals have a place to live. hahahha Took 2 months to get paid!
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    nice second story Larry, i will have to think a bit to come up with some, i have a few in mind already.
  4. sprayboy

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    Someone bragging about how much better their ride on is.
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  6. phasthound

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    I don't get it Larry, what is weird about people protecting their property and defending their privacy?
  7. grassman177

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    when common courtesy is abandoned by an obviously un avoidable occurrence. i mean if you venture on someone elses grass by a few feet for a brief moment and dont cause the slightest damage, ok, well they are a little uptight to say the least.
  8. americanlawn

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    1st instance on the driveway: I was parked on "County property", and the driveway was wide enough to park 3 cars.

    2nd instance: Ames police confronted him asking why he did not allow me to gain access to his neighbor's lawn. Seems these two neighbors do not get along. Our customer is "black" & he is "white". The officer told me this was not the first time they were called out to this (racist) person's property. Sad, but true. :cry:
  9. grassman177

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    wow, it comes down to race, how pathetic.
  10. grassman177

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    we had a client several years back( another crew leaders customer, not mine) that had a crazy neighbor. when we would mow and trim next to the fence that separated the two places, he would come out and scream and yell and cuss at our guys for getting little itty bits of grass into his river rock that surounded his fence on his side. it was unavoidable when you trimmed, it went through the fence a bit.

    well, we acctually demanded we vaccum as we trim to avoid this !! we said no and he started mowing our clients lawn for FREE so we could not cause this problem to himi anymore. wow, what a way to loose a client!!?

    even better, we mowed a lawn next to a hospital that had a tall wall next to it where the parking was for the hospital(parking was lower). that guy happened to be parked there one windy day while we were mowing and it went over the wall and on to his car. he come up and started his violent ranting at the same crew leader and actually chased our guy on the lawn mower swinging!!!!!!!!!!! this guy was a f*^*ing ass.

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