2010 61" Toro Grandstand: Anybody have one?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by RodneyK, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. RodneyK

    RodneyK LawnSite Senior Member
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    After weeding through the search I didn't really find too much on this unit. I purchased one and can't wait for Spring to give it a mow. In the meantime does anyone have one and are you willing to take the time to share your thoughts about it such as: how it cuts, speed, quirks, does it scalp easily and or anything else?
  2. sjessen

    sjessen LawnSite Platinum Member
    Male, from Knoxville, Tn
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    Hope you will keep us posted on your new unit. Have wondered about scalping as well. Btw, what is the going price on this mower?

  3. robertsturf

    robertsturf LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I stood on one at the GIE but have never seen one at any of our dealers. I'm not sure I would purchase one without demo-ing one. Just my opinion. I'm not saying they're not a good machine as we have 3 GS's but they are the 52" variety.
  4. RodneyK

    RodneyK LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 770

    I do not know what one of these is new. I bought a demo from a dealer with 88 hours and full warranty.

    I "paid" $7,000 although I am not so sure you can go by that either as I traded in a Kubota F3680 and also received a 52" demo Grandstand. I haggled more on the trade and the 52" and give in a bit on the 60". It is a 60" and not a 61" as I stated in the thread title. I avoided sales tax as it was a trade in, so that weighed in on the deal also.

    Yeah, wish I could have cut some with it but winter has a grip on us. I am hoping I like it as much as the 52" Grandstand I used last year. I am hoping I did not make a bad move here.
  5. BigDreamsLawn&Landscapes

    BigDreamsLawn&Landscapes LawnSite Member
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    A friend of mine had a Toro Grandstand for a while. I used it a couple times but I ended up not being a big fan. Some people love them some people not so much. Being a stander I did not like the platform and being a little heavier (225 lb.) it wanted to bring the from end off the ground.
  6. grassman177

    grassman177 LawnSite Fanatic
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    i have that problem, of course i am working on changing that but will still prob end up at your weight.:laugh:

    i am going to get weights on the front. have not decided on toro factory or my own hand made in very similar fashion. with this one small issue, i could not find any other reason NOT to choose it over the 2010 model fixed wright stander. however, it is new so we will find out. they are awefully confident on they warranties to make the investment an easier decision to make. it is less risk in somebodies eyes.
  7. fobaum

    fobaum LawnSite Senior Member
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    I'm thinking of getting a 60'' GS too, I'd like to know about scalping also and maneuverability vs.48'' 52'' etc..
  8. N_Greenscapes

    N_Greenscapes LawnSite Member
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    The company I used to work for had 52" and 60" gs'. Both were great machines, they had their own issues, but none the less great mowers. I was able to put about 600 hours on both of them. As far as scalping, the 52" was almost non-existent, but the 60" wasn't bad though. We had good luck with running the scalp wheels a little higher than advised. The real wide base of the rear wheels really helps the scalping issue as well. They are awesome mowers, imo. I think you'll like it. Smooth and fast.
  9. Tall Rider

    Tall Rider LawnSite Member
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    For the 2011 60" whats the red panel that sits on top of the fuel tank? Any one know?
  10. delphied

    delphied LawnSite Silver Member
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    Funny thing. I have a 48 Grandstand and I weigh 220. Only time i can get it to raise the front end is when Im going up a very steep slope and I just lean my upper body forward to take care of it. I am; however, a very talented operator.

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