2010 Permagreen Triumph

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by americanlawn, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. americanlawn

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    Anybody tried one? Many improvements. Very curious, cuz most LCO's around here still run Ultra's & Magnums w/carrier racks.

    Seems to me that PG's have gotten a raw deal on this site........even though Permagreen is still the most widely-used ride-on sprayer/spreader. I think they are also a sponsor on lawnsite.com

    Looking forward to check out the Triumph in January, but I'd sure like to hear from folks who have actually tried one. rscvp, thanks :usflag:
  2. mdlwn1

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    Anything with a "super duty" transmission must be incredible...........
  3. americanlawn

    americanlawn LawnSite Fanatic
    from midwest
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    Talked to Peter today. Said they will put this unit in full production within days from now - then ship these units out to distributors, so no units are currently available until that happens. Only those at the GIE were able to test them.

    Friends that were at the GIE were quite pleased with the Triumph. One of my local bud's (Quad Cities) already placed an order for a Triumph and is currently tweaking his carrier rack cuz the Triumph is a bit longer. IMO Permagreen has finally come up with a durable unit they can be proud of. (one year/500 hour warranty). 'Bout time.

    I'm guessing they will sell tons of these units......mainly cuz most outfits around here already run PG's.

    Looking forward to try one out.
  4. grassman177

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    they look better, but i dont know about the changes to the drive and powerplant. i only hear and see them being broke down due to poor(possibly under powered) drive system and small engine. overall i think they have made some obvious big improvements from the looks of it. what changes have they done to improve the crappy drive system
  5. br549oicu8

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    The L.T. Rich folks have helped us out if you think about it. With a well built and productive machine like theirs, the rest have had to really improve. I'd bet over the next 2-3 years there will be many quality machines available.
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  6. NattyLawn

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    I agree that PG does get a raw deal on this site. But Larry, weren't you the one that posted constantly about the spray system on your Ultras not putting out enough spray? I think I called you out on it a few years ago, before you purchased the T.

    That being said, it does look like they made improvements, but mostly it looks like the same drivetrain and spray system. Split tanks, hand brakes, and it looks the the shift lever is up on the left handlebar instead of by your right foot. That looks cool.

    BTW, I'm not bashing PG, as I use a Magnum and am pretty happy with it, but there's always room for improvement.
  7. jbturf

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    looks like it has the same drive train and gx200 motor that the magnum has,
    any 1 with a magnum-- is it underpowered?
  8. indyturf

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    I had 2 magnums and they had plenty of power, how much power do you need to go 4mph? But I really didn't like the Honda all that much, had lots of problems with the carb. always kept a spare in the truck.
  9. americanlawn

    americanlawn LawnSite Fanatic
    from midwest
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    Ultras & Magnums never put out enough spray volume for effective weed control IMO, and we were constantly having to repair our Ultras (corroded wiring, etc, etc). Then the Magnum came out -- same issues, plus trans axle corrosion. In fact, many folks around here preferred the Ultra's over the Magnum's.

    Then Ground Logic came out with their "copy cat" version...same poor spray issue, but I talked with the owner recently, and he told me they will be improving the spray volume.

    We run T3000's on carrier racks. So far, that's our best bet, even though we could buy Z-Sprays for less money. Steering with one hand frees up another hand to do what you gotta do. Asked my guys if they wanted to pull a trailer. You can guess what the responses were. I figure that's why most outfits around here run Permagreens.

    Looking forward to check out the PG Triumph in person really soon..

  10. ted putnam

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    [QUOTE=americanlawn;3306300 we could buy Z-Sprays for less money. Steering with one hand frees up another hand to do what you gotta do. Asked my guys if they wanted to pull a trailer.

    I totally agree with you. It took me about 10-12 hrs to get pretty good steering with one hand and spraying with the other on the Z. Now it's pretty much second nature. Sure was glad I had the trailer when I needed to carry 2 tons of Lime + the machine over the last couple of weeks. I'm pretty sure that would've been impossible with truck/tank/carrier rack combo. It's nice being able to turn(360) on a dime also. It's gotten me out of a lot of tight areas with ease. Always hated having to make "3 point" turns on my PG just to get out of an area that was a little beyond it's turning radius( which is still pretty tight).

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