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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnguy 2, Jan 16, 2013.

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    Hey guys, Im considering to buying a 2010 Turf Tiger 29hp kawasaki fuel injection/liquid cooled with 61 deck. It has a Scag suspencion seat and new Scag chute blocker. The mower has only 329 hours and the guy changed oil every 30 hours, an overkill. He used it for his 13 acres and never had been out in the weather. Paint is in great shape. He was asking 8500 and we agreed on 7500
    I'm picking up this Thursday.

    Did I do well on this machine?
  2. P.Services

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    I would say yes. Thats about half price.

    I can give you a little piece of advise that will for sure save you 1,600 bucks down the road. Paypal me 800 bucks and i will tell you.

    sitting on the mower it would be the right side of the engine has a little grey box with the world DENSO on it with a big pigtail of wires going into it. Very carefully take this box off and unplug the wires. Make sure the bottom 2 pins are not starting to corrode. They rust because the harness dosent seal perfectly and the water sits around the bottom 2 pins. If they are rusted VERY CAREFULLY sand them shinny. There is a certain type of grease to pack the connection with but i dont remember the name. Its not dielectric though, they say that grease can still carry very low current. I personally think it would work fine. I will get you the name of the grease the dealer gave me tomorrow. Pack it with grease and then electrical tape the shet out of it.
  3. lawnguy 2

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    Great info and I was about to send a paypay payment to you, lol


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