2010 Walker ms-sd $4200 42" side discharge

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by mc25a, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. mc25a

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    This is the one I've listed here and on Ebay. I bought it new from the dealer April 2010. The machine was manufactured in 03 but the dealer had it stored until last year. The deck is an 09 manufacture. I can give you serial numbers if you want them. It has not been stored outside. Everything works and runs great. It is a side discharge only model. 85 hours on the clock and 13 of that was from leaving the switch on overnight once. I used it only for personal use.

    The story is I've found exactly the replacement I've been looking for. If you can get it quick (next couple days) It's $4200 cash. I'm taking a beating on it at that price, but if I get what I want in the end I guess it's a wash.

    Near Roanoke, VA - 540-580-6110

  2. mc25a

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    I did lower the price on ebay, but I can sure sell cheaper straight up cash.
  3. mc25a

    mc25a LawnSite Member
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    Still available. Some jerk set up a phony account and used buy it now on ebay, but it's still here.
  4. dwmowing

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    pm your lowest price if you want to get rid of in the next day or two. thanks
  5. Smith Lawn & Landscaping

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    Im in virginia pm sent
  6. mc25a

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    This has been sold

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