2010 Work and Equipment Set-up

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    I am young but i know what i am doing. I have a blizzard clause in the contract. A trigger depth of 2 inches. I have 5 hours by snowfall end to do all of them. It is actually a very leniant porperty owner because the work they do involves machining and selling of auto parts and wholesale parts.

    With the trucks, i am not financing them. The only one i am financing is the deisel dump truck to get credit on my name. I am buying both the f-250's or 350's(not sure yet) outright with the pre-payment for the contracts. and then with the deisel i will finance around 35k over 60 months. And i already am qualified for the auto loan at my bank.
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    I guess thats the problem with dodges I've heard. I'm hoping to get a snowex vee pro 8500 and a Fisher extreme v mounted on my duramax this winter hopefully.

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    it sucks being without my truck the rotors are warped again, idk how that happened within 2 minutes of driving.

    Nice, i prefer boss i guess i'm just partial to them because of dealer support. getting 24hr service and parts whenever i need them
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    Nice pics and set-up!
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    Three new trucks is a big step. Hope the snow falls for you to make some money this winter. Keep up the good work.

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    THanks, i am nervous as hell. its going to be huge growth and i dont know if im ready. Well i know im ready but i dont really know what its going to be like. I cant wait to plow though, im sick of leaves. I just hope i can get the dump intime for leave removals so i can just fill that sucker up and dump without unloading by hand.

    The good thing about the contract that i did was i asked for 35 inches of snow upfront. that could be the whole season, or a 1/4 of the season depending on the winter. But the property owner gaurenteed me 35 inches of snow payment. thats mainly what made it able to buy the trucks upfront
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    what happens if it doesn't snow? does he expect his money back? better hope you have a good amount of money in the bank!! even though you maybe buying trucks cash you still need to pay workers, buy salt, fuel, etc.

    Seems a little far fetched to me but good luck.

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    Well it is written out in a contract.I do have quite a bit of savings and could prob be fine if i was to buy trucks without these contracts. But i guess i havent ever seen a winter without snow where i am. I dont know about you, but we get a lot of lake effect snow and pretty big storms around 8-12 inches sometimes.

    And no, he doesnt expect his money back since i am taking care of all of his landscaping and lawn maintenance next year also.

    Its not far fetched, its in writting.
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    You may have a contract but with the right lawyer they aren't worth the paper their written on. Even though it is writing i've seen people get screwed time after time.

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    i know what you mean but i dont understand how i am going to get screwed if i already have the check?

    And the contract is notorized by my lawyer and his lawyer.

    Its my employee and friends uncle and i know him very well. We have done a lot of work already for him and his accountant sends a check literally the same day i send the bill out . I get it one or two days later.

    he wants his properties plowed so cars can get in there, he doesnt care how it gets done or weather the pavement gets scruffed up. Because 'it happends' to everyone eventually. He gets that i am young and gets what my company is about and is giving me a chance to show him what i got, so then he can give referal's to all his corporate buddys. haha

    I got my new leaf loader in and it is sick.

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