2011 AOLP annual conference

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    Plan now to attend (Feb 3rd-5th, 2011) the only international conference focused solely on the outdoor lighting industry! Below are the conference fees and hotel information to assist you in your planning. Full conference details will be available soon.

    AOLP Conference Fees – No Increase!

    Member Early Bird Rate: $395 per person
    Non Member Early Bird Rate: $495 per person
    Early Bird Registration Cut Off Date is January 14, 2011

    Member Rate After January 14, 2011: $455 per person
    Non Member Rate After January 14, 2011: $545 per person

    Hotel Information

    Chaparral Suites Resort, Scottsdale AZ
    $195 NOW REDUCED! $159 Per Night, Single or Double Occupancy
    Make Reservations by January 5, 2011 to Receive the Discount Rate
    Call (800) 528-1456 and mention the AOLP Conference and Expo

    Interested in exhibiting at the Expo or becoming a sponsor? To get the AOLP Marketing Packet e-mail Julie Sullivan at events@aolpoline.org

    Interested in getting info for C.L.V.L.T. testing or C.O.L.D. (year 1) classes, just call AOLP at 1-717-238-2504 or visit our website www.aolponline.org
    click on programs and get started on enrollment. There are a limited # of spots available

    call the AOLP for info on signing up!!!
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    When is the final schedule going to be available? When will registration be available?
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    The final Draft of the conference Agenda is being reviewed as we speak...it should be ready in the next day or two...Conference registration is open and available on the web site www.aolponline.org. Let me know if I can be of further assistance
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    I guess I'm dense... I see the page for the expo and the link for the exhibitor registration packet but I don't see attendee registration anywhere...
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    bcg, you are NOT dense :). I think Gerry thought he saw it but in fact, it will appear with the itinerary in the next couple of days. However, if your looking to explore the cost you can do that by going to the home page, click on the "events calender". it will show one event...2011 annual conference. click on "additional information", you will see all the info from attending as a member/non member to hotel rates and a # for the hotel. If you are not a member and wish to join as well as attend conference, pull your cursor over membership, click on membership application, print it out, fill it out. call headquarters before faxing or mailing and get a form to fill out for attending conference. hope this is helpful. send me a pm, would like to know what part of Texas you're in.
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    I think you're probably the guy that called last week after talking to Rich, right? I've been meaning to call you back but I was on a hunting trip Thu - Sun and have been catching up this week. I'll touch base with you later this week.
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    sounds good
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    How many were in attendance at last years conference?
    What kind of attendance do you expect this year?

    Thanks, Steve
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    70's -80's I believe for last year. Trends seem to be showing a higher attendance this year, which is good for us as an association. Most important to me personally, are the classes being offered. They look to be an improvement on last years which was some of the best I've attended in my 5 years of attending. L.E.D. is pretty fast and loose right now and it was helpful to have a face to face audience with some straight shooters. Going to have that and more this year, i believe, because of the great experience last year.

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