2011 f450/f550 MPG and payload

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by shovelracer, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. shovelracer

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    We are about to sign for an F450 with the new 6.7 and 4.10 gears we also have the option of going with the F550 with 4.88 gears. Both would be with an 11' rugby eliminator dump. Aside from the obvious payload differences my main concern is MPG. I'll say on average our trips are relatively short with mostly rural county road travel. Towing 7-9k almost daily and when hauling it will be on the heavier side of max. Logic tells me that on average we would be better with the 4.10 gears over the 4.88. If anyone has something similar they want to talk about it would be appreciated. Also I would never overload a vehicle on public roads, but hypothetically what is the true max you can throw in an F450 before it becomes a hazard. For example our F250 is rated for 3K payload, it does just fine with 4.5k, but we have gone as high as 6K for very short trips. Of course never on public roads:) All relative feedback appreciated.
  2. Marek

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    We have been known to run 20-21k in our 08 450 and it handles it fine. It actually handles weight better then our older 550 trucks
  3. Ramairfreak98ss

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    Honestly either will be fine, if you PLAN to load the truck up to max or overload it, "we all do sometimes knowingly or not", go with the 4.88 gears in the F550. The 550s can also be a 17,900lb if with 4.56s , which is what we have

    If your concerned about mpg, stay with lower gears, the new 6 speeds 4.56 is similar to a 5speed 2010 or older with 4.88s.

    We have a 06 f350 with 4.30s and it seems like a lot of gear
    The 07 F550 with 4.56s seems like a lot of gear but is NICE when fully overloaded with 6 tons of sand or stone, yeah we roll out of the scales at upto 24,000lbs for a 17,900gvw.... that doesnt happen often but i know it can handle it fine, but you feel the brakes are lacking for that much weight.
  4. pinto n mwr

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    Hear is how to figure a payload...
    1. Weigh the truck empty
    2. Open the door and read the sticker that say GVWR and take notes.
    3. GVWR - empty weight that is what you can haul

    If you haul more than that than you are...
    1. Illegal weight
    2. Probably a road hazard
    3. A reason why fines, tabs, insurance.... are expensive

    If I were to look at buying a 1 1/2 - 2 ton truck the last thing I would consider is fuel mileage.

    my two cents though!
  5. shovelracer

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    The update:

    We got the 450 with the 4.10s. As of today it is getting 15mpg empty cruising county roads, 13-14mpg town empty, 10-12mpg towing 9k town, 9mpg towing 9k in the mountains.

    So far it has gone up almost 2mpg since we picked it up. It has 1100miles now. The only time it has gone over 50mph was on the way home from the dealer. MPG went down noticably above 55mph highway.

    Our legal payload is 5600lbs
  6. Marek

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    Did you get 4 x 4 ? Reg. cab or extended ?
  7. all ferris

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    I have a 2008 f450 and my legal payload is about the same as yours. Mine has been a good truck but seems to be hard on tires. I only got 40000mi out of the first set. Seems like a tire that comes on these trucks should last longer but what do I know.

    I also wonder why they would put 6 tires rated at 3900lbs on a truck only rated to haul 16000lbs? And why rate the truck at 16000lbs when it is happy with 20000 - 21000lbs?
  8. ClassicLawnCareInc

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    I wonder the same thing lol. We drive it around with 19k all the time and its fine.
  9. 4 seasons lawn&land

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    ;) I get 15k out of my 2500 tires...

    what are the 550s rated to tow in 4x4 trim?
  10. shovelracer

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    Yes, 4x4, regcab but with the 165WB and an 11'dump. After using it, I will likely never go back to 8-9' dumps again.

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