2011 Ford F150 V6 Ecoboost

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Capemay Eagle, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. S man

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    I agree if I bought the truck with the v8 in the first place. This one supposedly depreciated some already and the new v8 truck on the lot would cost more. Basically 4-5k extra. I'm torn between modding this one or spending the cash to get one with the v8.
  2. LibertyFarmLandscaping

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    Ok, I thought they would let you return it with none taken off the price.
  3. Knight511

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    Modding it would be sinking more money into it. How much are you going to spend trying to fix something like this? $1000? $2000? You may be better off swallowing deep and getting a 5.0 with the 3.73 gears... you will never mod the 3.7 to do as well as the 5.0 and can (in the long run) end up dumping more than 4-5K in it trying.
  4. Poontamer

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    My dad just bought one to tow his 24ft Everglades boat. It is very fast and great mpg it gets 17mpg when towing the boat! At 70 mph it is only running at 1900rpms when towing to,and I took it to the drag strip and ran a 14.1@102mph bonestock ecoboost extended cab. Put it this way I beat my friends 5.4triton while towing my rig(lawn setup)
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  5. 360ci

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    I concur. The base F150 can be had with the 5.0 for $1K more. If you want the 35EB engine, you have to step up to the XLT trim and a cab other than regular to get it. That engine is still a $2K addition to the MSRP, at least it is here in Canada.

    The V6 looks nice on paper, but if I towed more than 3-4K on a regular basis, I'd definitely opt for the V8. My small utility weights no more than 3K when FULL, so the V6 would still work and I wouldn't tow with it every day.
  6. S man

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    That would be great. But they want to rip you off. I'd be better off waiting till the end of the year to get one.
  7. Knight511

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    I can't speak for CAN but south of the border (USA) you can get the EB in a regular cab/long bed and the engine is a $750 upgrade over the 5.0. I am in a holding pattern on a new vehicle, but I have my eyes on a F150 crew cab FX2 with the EB. Of course, its main duty would be my daily driving truck, not so much a work truck. :)
  8. Keith

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    Yeah, it sucks that you have to buy at least an XLT to get the EB. Well technically you can get it in an XL, but you have to get the 8' bed to do it. Which means no super crew. I have to admit, I liked the XLT that I drove for a week. But for a pure work truck, it would not really work for me.

    Invoice price on a 5.0 in a truck that comes standard with the base V6 is about $830 USD and the EB is about $1450. Since most are paying pretty close to invoice on the truck, that is the number that is important.
  9. pinto n mwr

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    Just bought a 2011 f-150 w/5.0, ext cab, xlt, 3.55 gears. Two months old and a WHOPPING 12.6 MPG. Love new technology. It does have a lot of power though. Night and day difference between my 06 and the new 2011.
  10. lyube

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    I'll probably still stick with a Tacoma.

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