2011 HRC 216 New Engine

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by stansoph, Jun 24, 2012.

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    My Honda met its match with a piece of flagstone and has a bent shaft. :cry: I am going to put a new engine on it since the frame/chassis is in great shape. It looks to be pretty sraight forward; are there any tricks or tips? Anything I should replace (preventative maintenance) while I am doing it?

    I can get the engine online with free shipping for $425 to my door. Definitely cheaper than a new machine. $425 vs $1300.

    Also, do I have the option to go to a larger commercial grade Honda engine with more power? Suggestions? I haven't looked to see what might fit e.g. shaft sies and mount bolt patterns.

    I live in Seattle and th grass here is wet 90% of he time and I mulch 99% of the time; so more power would be nice. Actually, a lot more power. Before the bent shaft I put around 400 hours on it with the engine at 4200rpms with no problems; that helped a lot. I figured if it blew up I would put on a new engine or do what I should have done and bought a Toro. They mulch much better IMO.

    The other option is to sell it with full disclosure, cut my losses and get a new Toro.

    I am also an aircraft mechanic so I am pretty handy with tools.:)
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    1st: check that the replacement engine has the additional output shaft to power the transmission, these are usually a special series and costly to replace.

    2nd: I suggest replacing the cranckshaft and mean bearings rather than a new engine, it's far cheaper and really not that hard to do.

    3rd: don't over-rev the engine, it's designed for 3600rpm and the mower is probably limited to 2800-3000rpm. Going faster will wear the engine, the hydro-tranny, a safety hazard and produces a lot of noise.
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    Be sure you are getting the correct replacement engine; the HRC216 uses ONLY the Honda GXV160 engine and nothing else. As others have said, the engine has a special PTO (power take-off) that operates the driveshaft on your HRC mower.

    If you'll share the serial number off the back of your mower deck, I can double-check and get you the exact details of what engine to order. Give me your ZIP code and I'll hook you up with a Honda engine dealer close to you as well.


    Caveat: I work for Honda, but the preceding was my opinion alone.
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    Thanks Robert. I will get you the serial# off the mower and go ahead and get the right engine. I will tune this for 3600rpm instead of 4200rpms. On the plus side---400 hrs at 4200 isn't too bad. Lol

    I will get you the info asap.

    Thanks again, Robert.
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