2011 Permagreen Triumph -- ONLY 50 hrs

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by wmslc, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. wmslc

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    I bought this 2011 Permagreen Triumph New in mid-2011. I'm getting out of the business so I don't need it anymore. I've used it for two seasons and I love it. Only used it once a month for two days at a time. Runs and operates like new, always starts first pull. Easily calibrated and I only used liquid selective herbicides and dry fertilizer.

    Only has 50 hrs and I'm asking $ 6000. I have pics available, just call or text 231-519-3836 and I will send them to You.
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  2. wmslc

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    Still for sale
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  3. P.Services

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    900 more will buy a new one.....
  4. wmslc

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    If You include tax, you'll prob pay $ 8000 for a new one. It's like new, and has only 50 hrs. Make me an offer, I don't charge sales tax.
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  5. Lasko's Lawn Service

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    PM'd you,
    Mike Lasko
  6. wmslc

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    Here are some pictures.

    Equipment 11122012 062.jpg

    Equipment 11122012 063.jpg

    Equipment 11122012 064.jpg

    Equipment 11122012 065.jpg

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