2011 Spring Flyer - What do you think?

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by clean_cut, Feb 6, 2011.

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    Picture is not the best. Grass has mowing streaks--and its a little brownish on the right. Grass always looks greener on a cloudy day. Such pictures work better if you have an attractive person in them. People are social--they respond to attractive people--woman and cute kids standing on grass would be a help. Maybe a cute dog. Better still if you can clean up and be explaining soil sample to her--better yet if your truck appears on the drive in the background. A professional photog and model would be nice--meanwhile try to improve your brochure a little every year.

    Tex is right, green on green letters is not as good as white or yellow on dark green. Back side is hard to read--most people won't bother. Typeface is not distinct and bold. Too busy. I would suggest 3 bullet points and one testimonial. Leave plenty of blank space.

    I think Grenoble logo is a little hard to read. Take a look at the professional logos above for the firms like Tanaka and Oregon. Very bold. Instantly readable. There is no substitute for BIG BOLD PRINT.
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    If you need help send me your file I have CS2 just record it in that format I'm not expert doing this but I can help you out a bit

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