2011 Super Z died on me while cutting???

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    I have a 2011 Super Z Hyperdrive with roughly 150 hours on it. A few weeks ago while cutting the blades quit, then started back, then quit again. Then the mower died. I tried to start it back but it would just click when I turned the key. I noticed a little corrosion on the positive battery post so I cleaned it the best I could and then jumped it off. It did ok for about 2 minutes and then the exact same thing. I got it home, thoroughly cleaned the battery posts and put it on a battery tender and have not had a problem since.
    I didn't really think anything of it until my buddy called me yesterday and his did the exact same thing. His has about 350 hours on it. Neither of our dealers have a clue why they did it...
    anyone have any ideas? thanks for the help in advance.
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    A couple things to check...
    Make sure the engine is putting out the volts and amps, check this with a voltmeter, start the mower, run it at full throttle and measure the volts and amps at the battery posts.
    It could e a bad battery also, need a set of readings off the battery with the engine not running, then may need a load test done.


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