2011 Super Z with the 37 hp Kawasaki New info !

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by webdrifter, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. webdrifter

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    Hey Guys,
    Yesterday morning I took a 45 mile trip from my house to Murfreesboro Tn to pick up a new hustler Super Z. I have owned a Super Z with a 27 hp Kohler for several years, and have been very disappointed with the hill climbing abilities of the machine. So I was really struggling with the decision on whether to get the 31 hp Kawasaki or the 37 hp. I knew the 31 hp would be more powerful than the 27 hp was, but I also knew that most of the power would be consumed with the extra weight of the machine, and possibly by the new pumps. I had already told the dealer that I was coming after the 37 hp machine, but was second guessing myself on the way down to pick it up. I decided to call him about 20 minutes before I was going to be there, I told him what I had read on here about the 37 hp engines, and my concerns. I ask him to see which engine number was on the mower and the build date.

    When I arrived at the dealership the salesman had some pretty interesting information to pass along to me. First off he hadn't heard anything about the engine failures, so the first thing he did was call Kawasaki. This is what he was told. First off there are two bulletins coming out on the engine neither of which had this dealership received as of yesterday. One is on the cams and the other is on the heads. It turns out that the machine I was going to look at, had a engine build date of 11/10 or November 2010. This engine already has the new cams, but will still need both heads replaced under the recall bulletin.
    It seems that the metal in the cams was much too soft, and this was part of the problem. They also said that something was wrong with the metal in the heads. I guess both of these issues together was the cause of valve train failures.
    I bought the Kawasaki super oil that extended the engine warranty to 5 years, loaded that monster 37 hp up and brought it home. I work in the auto industry, and I know from time to time that issues do arrive that cause poor quality. I also know that any major company that has quality issues will dig in real deep real quick to correct the issues. Most of the time they don't admit they have a problem until they have a solution to fix it figured out.
    Hustler has had pump and deck issues now they have fixed them, Kawasaki has had engine problems, and now they are fixing them .... I hope ... lol
    going out to mow some hills, and will give some feed back on performance. soon.

    PJ over at the hustler forum should be able to find more info on the Kawasaki engine bulletins. If my salesman can I know he can also.

    MOHUSTLER LawnSite Bronze Member
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    We recived the bulleten over 2 months ago. Fortunatly none of mine were on the list to fix. From what im to understand only a very small number had to have cams replaced. Quite a few had the heads replaced. Im not sure how kawi figured out the problem becasue we got the bulleten before most of the country started cutting grass. It might have been a 1 out of 100 had this happen and it was enough for a recal. Who knows kawis thought process. But so far the ones we have sold have has 0 issues.
  3. webdrifter

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    Mine was the first 37 they had sold at this dealership. I wonder if this is some sort of new bulletin. He said that they would call me when they got the bulletin to change the heads. I guess when you get new heads they come with new valves and everything.
    I bet Kawasaki was probably basing the repair off their previous history with this engine. I can tell for sure that it is a major improvement over my old super z. This thing pulls the hills on my place without any effort at all. My old 27 hp kohler would bog down, and the blades would slow down. This machine doesn't do that at all. The one thing that I have noticed right off is the blue smoke at start up. I only have one hour on the machine so this may be due partly to the rings not being seated just yet.

    I also noticed that this engine is a FXT00V while the older one was FX1000V. .
  4. HenryB

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    I had two 37 Kawy's both blew up in under 400hrs. Yes it was a very widespread problem not 1 in a 100 IMO.
  5. webdrifter

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    I agree, it was enough that they could no longer ignore the problem. Like I stated earlier these large companies are very slow to admit that they have problems. They like to come up with the fix for the problem first...
  6. tacoma200

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    My friend had two Kawasaki 37's go bad, the first sign of trouble was blue smoke at start up.
  7. webdrifter

    webdrifter LawnSite Member
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    Usually it's a sign of oil slipping past the rings or the valve guides. Could be rings not seated yet with only 1 hour on unit. Could also be valve guides, and this could be part of the reason for the cylinder head replacement recall.

    I believe the replacement heads will come with the valves already installed, so hopefully this along with the new cam will cure all the valve train issues. I guess time will tell... I believe they will know if this solves the problem well before my 5 year warranty runs out. I sure hope they do anyway .....
  8. tacoma200

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    Yes just check your engine serial # and make sure it isn't in the recall or if it is at least you will know. Kawasaki seems to be stepping up to the plate with the recall. My friend had a long year last year though having all these issues and since there was no widespread knowledge of a problem he was sweating it. Any company can get some bad parts and have many units already in the field before it becomes apparent there is a problem. I tested the 37 Kawasaki, plenty of power, governor kicks in and out a lot (thirsty). What's with the 5 year warranty? I thought it was 3?
  9. T.M. LAWNS

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    Tacoma,do you think the new heads will come with new updated valve guides & valve stem seals?
  10. tacoma200

    tacoma200 LawnSite Fanatic
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    Yes from what I have heard it will be a new intact head with everything in place, ready to bolt on, we have several that Kawasaki dealers/mechanics on this site that could tell us for sure. Some may get heads and/or cams I think. Someone with more inside info could let us know.

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