2012-13 f150 with 3.5 ecoboost?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by RSK Property Maintenance, May 7, 2013.

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    I have that f150 you're looking at. 16 city, 17 highway. Towing goes way down, say 10ish. If you're looking at a lariat, you'll be doing really good to get out the door for around $41k. You can get a loaded XLT for $35k. Trust me, I shopped all over and those are the best numbers you'll find. I ended up finding a used one with the max tow and saved myself some coin.
    I love it for an everyday driver, coming from my old f250 its like a Cadillac and race car all in one! Great truck, and I don't regret going to the half ton (yet). I only trailer 11k lbs around 15-20 times a year so I justified the f150 to myself. I only pull more than that 3-5 times a year. Not sure what I'm going to do for those times yet, ha!
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    i was looking at an fx4 with the 402a option group. i want the air cooled seats, navigation, sunroof, im not even concerned with towing mileage, because im keeping my old 96 f350 to do the towing, the f150 will be a daily driver, not really towing much at all. i thought the same things when i drove, it feels like a cadillac and race car all in one!.
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    honestly couldn't tell ya what kind of mileage i get towing or empty with my f350 i haven't reset my trip odometer in over 10,000 miles....i could tell ya 70 dollars only lasts two days, but that was before i put a chip in my truck, it seems to have gotten better with the added 80hp because i no longer have to use 3/4 throttle to just drive around, now i'm at 1/4 throttle maybe 1/2 throttle and im up to 50mph very quickly even with a trailer.
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    i've pretty well come to the conclusion that all fuel mileage bets are off when towing.
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    good thing im not buying the truck for towing, but it is nice to know that it can tow over 10,000lbs in a pinch. it will be used for mostly just driving, i was thinking about a 2013 tdi jetta 6speed manual fully loaded, which even combined with car payment and added cost of the extra insurance would still end up saving me money, but a car can't tow my trailer if my current f350 which is my only vehicle happens to break down, im pretty pro active and not afraid to do heavy preventative maintenance to keep it from having a major break down and so far i've been good. but only driving my 96 f350 with almost 280,000 miles is a little less then comfortable.
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    I did consider one of these for my next truck but the half ton just wont cut it for me. It would probably be fine in the summer, but that would be pushing it with my 8.5x20 enclosed trailer. But the main reason I cannot consider this is because half tons cannot handle the plowing that I do. I dont think it would like my 9 and a half foot v plow hanging off the front of it :)
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    yes i agree, i wouldn't even consider putting any size plow on an f150, or towing an enclosed trailer unless its really small. again, i wouldn't consider this truck as a vehicle for towing or plowing, more doing estimates, and anything that doesn't require towing or hauling heavy stuff. it is still an f150 and not an f350 or 450.
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    well from what it sounds like you'll be using it for, you'll be happy with it.

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    If you're willing to take a little ride or have it shipped, Crossroads Ford in Cary, NC will give you $12,000 off sticker all day long.
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