2012 Door Hanger - Tips, crit, input?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by CustomGrounds, Feb 8, 2012.

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    Hey Guys, sorry for the crappy quality of picture couldnt figure out a great way to import picture. This is the start of my second year trying to take off, i finsihed my first season with 15 weekly regulars and then 2-3 other guys that use me for pretty much everything except cutting. All said and done i did a hair under 15,000 last year and thats NET. Im not paying taxes yet tho so i can expect that to drop as i get more legal. I did do all the other stuff tho, HCL, PEST, Liability, Sole Prop. I didnt really target or market for lawn maintenance last year very HARD. This year im going Hard for lawn maintenance for a few reasons. One being that id say the maintenance is about the one and only thing you can count on being consistant, and thats even a stretch to say that. The second being that id say 70% of my other jobs came form those regular cutomers, clean ups, plantings, mulch, aerating etc. I talked to a lot of guys and did lot reading on best way to attack Lawn maintenance, and iv decided to try out the door hangers this year. I hope it gets less of the junkmail feel and im also leaving a spot to fill in an estimate, so ill walk the streets give a look at the lawn the best i can and give them a number right then a there. I hope this excites some people and they dont have to have a guy come out and look, i think a lot of poeople will really like this. The one big down side is that this is going to be very time consuming and my feet will hurt! Let me know what ya think, i havent ordered yet but will be any day, im contemplating putting like a 10% off mulch or some kind of deal to try stir up some business. Let me know what ya think thanks! and sorry for writing so much!


    My Services are .....I know its small

    Fall/spring clean ups
    Tree shrub pruning
    seeding and aera
    seasonal flowers
    fert and weed control
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    Looks good. We have had good luck with putting prices on the door hangers. Just a lot of extra work to write on all of them. I just make out a bunch of 30$, 35$, 40$, 45$... etc so that they are already done while Im out looking that way I'm not dragging around a bunch of supplies and trying to write while walking. I always keep a handful without prices to leave as blanks on yards that look like they would be difficult to take care of (hills, small gates, things you can't get good look at without walking all over there property). Its better to have those properties call for a formal estimate. There is always a good chance you will end up with a bunch of underbid yards because you didn't see something that's going to take longer to mow or weedeat. Good luck, hope you have a great response.
    Pay your taxes and if you aren't going to just don't tell people about it on a public forum. Being that it's your first year and having to buy startup equipment you should have enough write offs to either not owe taxes or end up with a refund.
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    I've also hard good results with writing prices, the only drawback is you have to pass them all out yourself typically. My dad can price and he works with me so we hit everywhere armed with a few pens in our pockets. They have yielded much better results than postcards, mailers, internet sites like service magic, and hangers with no prices on them. We get probably 3 calls for every 100 we pass out and 1 good cutomers that stays, plus some 1 time landscape jobs.

    I would go back and pay last years taxes a year late, it will benefit you more in the long run for sure. I actually did the same thing and also paid them a year late. You'll be hit with some fees, but once its done you dont have to worry about an audit, and its just the right things to do.
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    Like it. Under "We will service your property for $xx" you might consider putting what is included in parentheses.
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    Wow, thanks so much for the reply fellas, Great info! Yeah i will for sure look into getting fully legal. The tax stuff, write offs, depreciation and all that goes alone is something im still not fully educated on. Need to sit down with an CPA and a lawyer asap.

    AS for the hanger talk, that is fantastic info! The thought of getting upto 1% back in regulars is crazy. I hope to do 2500 - 5000 and if i can get 10 regular weeklys out of it it would be huge. Not to mention other odd jobs.
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    Yeah and the parentheses is a great idea, or maybe bold it or something. Now that im looking at it i agree, needs to pop some. Any thoughts on maybe doing any deals or coupons?
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    How are you doing weed control with out certification etc.?
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    I have a pesticide License
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    Sorry...Missed that part.

    I have heard writing prices on material increases response rate but I really need to walk a walk before I commit tow.mow.and.trim.price. For example another lawnsite member left a door hanger on one of my client lawns and.there.was.a.price of $25. I mowed it for $35 last season. Price is going up to $45 for next year.
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