2012 ExMark 30" Riding Aerator

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Rick13, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. Rick13

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    Has anyone noticed when you look at 2012 ExMark 30" Riding Aerator, it now has a hidden hitch and reese to hook up future spreaders, sprayers, and other attachments.

    I've heard rumors...does anyone know any more info?

  2. Service 1st Lawn Care

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    Rick I think that is the plan, they would be smart to do that. I checked out your web-site, very nice. I think with the quality equipment you run and the fact it pulls the most plugs to comparable machines you should raise your prices. I think you should be at least charging $10.00 per 1,000 sq.ft.
  3. Rick13

    Rick13 LawnSite Senior Member
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    I agree Service 1st Lawn Care on my prices should be higher. I have to factor one huge decision on establishing my business as a leader in the Rockford Area for aeration....and that decision is in Rockford and surrounding cities we have one of the highest rates of unemployment, foreclosures, and now crime in this area. Many of the manufacturing jobs have left the area, causing people to lose good paying job, which in turn, people started losing their homes, defaulting on loans, and the people who have money...they have become much harder to part with.
    So I though if I was a bit lower...not super low...offered professional work at a fair price I could cut my way through overpriced, not caring, half-a_s work most lawn services offer in this area.
    I will add new customers, establish a good name for my business, professional work at a fair price, and build a good relationship with my customer to get future work.
    I know many areas are bad in America, with good paying jobs going overseas...I hope to make and establish a good business in a terrible economic time in America's history.
    I am trying to convince homeowners if they invest in aerating their yards once or twice a year with some fertilizing, weed spraying, and mowing at the right height....they could have a very good looking yard. Then their next door neighbor ask them what their doing different to their yard....and here I come with my aerator. :rolleyes:
  4. Exact Rototilling

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    Well those aeration rates would be on the high side around here. Some of the application Co. runs $29.95 specials for up to 5k sq feet.
    I like the website …simple and to the point.

    Okay not trying to be a jerk but …… [​IMG]

    Not sure how to break this to the OP but the LS/Exmark/Toro 24 dually has the least dense aeration pattern in any WB aerator that I know of. I have the stats on most of the major manufactures out there. My Plugr 850 pulls 100% more plugs in single pass than the LS dually and 75% more than my own Lawn Solutions 21”.

    The LS 21 WB and stander is a bit better and tighter pattern at 3.5” left to right vs. the Dually at 4.0”. The LS 21 WB in the right conditions will pull a deeper plug than my Plugr 850 but in most conditions 8 out of 10 times pulls better overall plugs in the soil types here. It’s just a dramatic difference side by side.
    I promote the LS WB as my standard service but push the Plugr for the Premium line. Also offer double passes for 50% more.

    Once my website is up it will have all the tine spacing factoids on the different manufactures etc.


    I remember seeing the front receiver hitch on the last generation of LS ride on. If I could get my money back on the Toro/Exmark stander in one season and still do all my other stuff I’d buy one. I just focus on the smaller lawns at this point.
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  5. Rick13

    Rick13 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Hi Exact Rototilling. I don't think you're being a jerk. I really liked the Plugr 850. I almost bought one, but at the time Lawn Solutions seemed like they had the right idea on speeding up aeration, making it user friendly, and I figured as time went on...they would make better machines with their advancement in aeration.

    Lawn Solutions found out that they were very good at coming up with a new way to do aeration, but found out quickly they could not supply the demand of people wanting their products, had no reliable supply chain, poor customer service, and managing everyday business. When your CEO is your sales man for the road you've got problems. But the CEO had some great ideas in design... but running a company that produces lawn equipment for the demanding public is completely different. Lawn Solutions where over their heads. I am not being mean either...these are just the facts. Everyone can walk away saying they have been frustrated at least once or twice with Lawn Solutions business ways. And that's not good for a company's image.

    But they made a good choice in getting Toro involved....and Toro is good at all those things that Lawn Solutions couldn't do with their limited resources.

    People who work hard for a living, respect the truth, hard work, and just being honest. After working all day the last thing you want to do is call a dealer asking them where's my product? I was supposed to receive it yesterday. Why didn't you call to let me know it was going to be another two weeks?

    I am glad they sold their business to Toro. And I think Toro/ExMark will only make Lawn Solutions aeration machines that much better. It takes one person's idea, and when you get a larger business behind you offering their support, money, research & development department, advertising, and engineering you have the making of some truly game changing lawn equipment. Equipment that makes you money, goes a great job in different environments, fast, reliable, and an investment you can use over the years.

    You would almost laugh if I told you how many many people have no idea what aeration is. But once I get a chance to talk to these people, they understand why and how aeration could help their yards.

    The Plugr 850 leaves more plugs in one pass...but what's your end results? Not trying to be a jerk....but do you want your business to be know as... in one pass they aerated my yard and I have a lot of plugs...or you might have to make a few extra passes and get the same or better results and have a customer for life? Some times taking an extra step and spending 10 minutes more could be huge in what people think they are getting for their money. Customer's want to know they are getting the most work for a fair price and even if the results are the same but you spend a little more time to get equal results...who do you think they will call back? The guy who was really quick or the guy who had to spend a little more time. I think almost everyone would want the guy who spent a little more time will have a lasting impression.

    I believe Toro will not sit back with just good enough like Lawn Solutions did.

    The riding aerator is already 65 pounds heavier then Lawn Solutions old riding aerator. Toro's riding aerator 1015 lbs. vs Lawn Solutions riding aerator 950 lbs.
  6. BrunoT

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    These things look so fast and easy to use compared to old drum style walk aerators that I wouldn't mind doing an extra pass if needed!
  7. Exact Rototilling

    Exact Rototilling LawnSite Fanatic
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    Talked to my local Toro dealer and they have zero intentions of getting the ride on unit. They only stock Billy Goat aerators.

    Another LS member has privately told me that the sensation is you have to be ON the unit. It's not as simple as running a SCAG v-ride or Toro grandstand. The rocky soil here might not be a good combination and throw in some traverse of side hills with huge rocks lurking below the surface.

    For years I have wanted to demo the LS stander.

    My angle to aeration marketing is the more plugs angle with the PlugrĀ® 850 for only 30% more over the lower plugs count Lawn Solutions 21". I'll be uploading another video this evening. :)

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  8. Turf Tech

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    I ordered an Exmark 30'" ride on last week. It was shipped on the 9th and should be here this week. I have been wanting one for a year. I rode the LS demo at GEI and really liked it. I just hope I can sell enough jobs around here to pay for it. Its a bit of a gamble in my area hopefully it will be worth while. I have a few large properities that I aerate with my plugr 600 but it takes about 4 hours and my hands are numb for a day afterwards. This should speed it up and make it much easier on me. The older I get the easier I want life to be.
  9. lazor-cut

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    from Wixom
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    looks cool! Whats it cost as much as a regular lazer
  10. Turf Tech

    Turf Tech LawnSite Member
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    Yeah about the same price as a 52" lazer.
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