2012 Exmark Lazer Z S-series underpowered?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by lasher66, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. lasher66

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    I bought a new exmark lazer z s-series this past fall with the 27 hp kohler engine. Just wondering if anyone else that has this mower feels it is under powered or is it just mine. This is my 4th exmark zero turn and I have several hills that I cut and this new mower boggs down when trying to cut up the hills. All my other exmarks had no problem cutting up hills. Even with vac on , if I take off to fast, I notice a considerable decline in the motor sound. What really makes me mad is I caved and bought the more expensive model this time versus the hp models (or e-series now) that I have bought in past that were stripped down. I do have it in the dealer right now and they are taking a look at it, but it sounds like they are not finding anything wrong with it. Hopefully they will decide a solution that will make me happy
  2. SRD Landscape

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    We have 25 and 27 hp Kohler engines on all of our Lazer Z's and no problems. On the 27's we have the bagger attachment and no problems. Atleast the employees have never complained about a lack of power. We find the engines last about 2400 to 2800 hours before they are wipped out and usually change the motor for about $2,400.00. We are averaging 5 years on a machine with an engine swap.

    Exmark makes a great machine and cuts beautifully.

    Good luck with your machine.
  3. lasher66

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    I know they are a great machine, this one is not my first one. That's why I was asking about the newer exmarks. All my other exmarks could cut up hills,high grass, whatever I throw at it and it didn't bog down. My new one will cut up some of my hills about half way, then I have to lay off the throttle so the mower don't stall . Hopefully this is defect model and they replace it.
  4. Exmark PR

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    We are sorry you are having challenges with your Exmark. Power consumption is greater on the LZS because the LZS travels 10-20% faster than previous LHP (LZE) models. Reducing operating speed (still as fast as the LHP/LZE) should resolve the concern in challenging conditions (hills, heavy grass) while still having extra speed available for lighter cutting conditions.

    The bagger could also be a factor, as the older style baggers (LZUV2B/3B) are larger and heavier than the new baggers (116-3000/116-3001). If youÂ’d like discuss further, please send your contact information to exmarkpr@exmark.com and an engineer will get in touch with you.
  5. lasher66

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    I did reduce operating speed. The dealer has the mower still so I am going to wait and see what they say. This mower is definitely either not operating right or its underpowered. Myself and my employees noticed it when I first bought it.
  6. flyingdutch16

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    Your not alone when I was demoing a 2012 unit with the 25hp efi I noticed when going up hill(25-30degrees) it had a harder time getting up the hill.

    That's the main reason I went with the 29hp
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