2012 Exmark Turf Tracer S

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    Between this past dry year, and a toddler that needs more "daddy-time", I unfortunately need to sell my Mower. This mower was just bought new last May from Doebler Bros mower shop in Monroe. It was $6999 new, and I added an OEM Exmark 2 wheel detachable sulky. At only 175 logged hours, the motor is hardly even broke in. A few typical scratches on side of deck, otherwise noticeably immaculate! Dealer offered me $4900, but I'd rather get it someone that could use it instead of a dealer that will sell it higher "like new"

    -2012 Exmark 48" Turf Tracer S-Series
    -Kawasaki V-Twin pull start power plant (bulletproof)
    -hydraulic drive
    -Sealed spindles for minimum maintenance
    -ECS controls
    -Exmark 2-wheel Sulky
    -Extra set of blades (I'll throw in)
    -Full Floating Deck

    Feel free to email me with questions. I am not desperate, And have a place to store it, so please withhold any lowball offers. My price is firm.

    Have a good day!!


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