2012 Ferris Zero Turn rear wheel wobble since i bought it

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by BottomLINEGuyNY, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. BottomLINEGuyNY

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    2012 MODEL # 5900572
    28 hp B&S engine
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    Hey thanks for reading y'all,
    Haven't been here in a while.

    I'd like to sell my 2012 Ferris Zero turn. It's got 250 hours on it.
    My concern is that ever since i've had the mower, when on flat ground or road etc,
    the right rear wobbles as if the axle or wheel is bent. I mean, it goes full speed but you can feel it bounce up and down but only on pavement not grass.
    On grass it works great, surprisingly no grass rip ups or tear.

    I'd like to rule out the axle being bent and hopefully replace the wheel.

    Has any of y'all ever came across a zero turn with a wheel thats wobbly?
    It's been like this since I bought it in 2013.


    btw the part i found i would need IF it was the axle is ferris part #5102681 which retails for $680. Lets hope its the wheel!
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  2. Walker56

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    Why don’t you swap wheels and see if the issue moves to the other side.
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  3. OP

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    Swap Wheels.
    That Sounds Excellante.
    Have never done this.
    Wouldn't that be just pulling the pins and pulling wheels off/on?
    Obviously while lifted.
    Or is it more in depth than that?
  4. Walker56

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    From the link you posted, it looks like remove the lug nuts and swap rims

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  5. hal

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    Jack it up, but before you switch the tires, while they are off the ground, look at the tires for bulges or belt breaks, (like steel belted tires), bent wheels ect..... Run it and have some one watch you as they turn. You may just need new tires. To switch them, take off the lug nuts..... switch....tighten lug nuts....
  6. AlohaMowing

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    Start with the easy things.

    First check that the lug nuts are tight. They probably would have come off completely by now if they had been loose, but there could be damage to threads keeping them from coming off completely.

    While you have it jacked up, before taking the wheel off to swap sides as Walker56 suggests, grab the tire and see if you can feel wobble. If the nut that holds the brake drum to the wheel motor axle is not snug, you can have wobble. Or, if the wheel motor is not firmly attached to the frame you might have wobble. Check the 4 bolts that hold the wheel motor to the frame.

    If still you find nothing, while both real wheels are off the ground, the right wheel is off, the machine is well supported on jack stands, and the parking brake is off, put power to the right wheel and look closely at the rotating wheel motor axle and brake drum. It should rotate without wobble. If there is any significant wobble your theory of a bent axle could be correct. Keep in mind that it could be the brake drum, not the wheel nor axle, that is bent. If in doubt, pull off the brake drum and watch the axle alone for wobble.

    Assuming you get to the point of swapping wheels, put power to both while they are still jacked up to see if there is visible wobble to one or both. If what you see while jacked up is inconclusive, then put it on the ground and test it with weight on the wheels.

    If your tests lead you to a conclusion that you do have a bent axle, you probably will not need to spend that $680 for a new wheel motor. To rebuild a wheel motor is not too difficult, and with only 250 hours on the machine it would be worth it. Determine who is the manufacturer of the wheel motor and its model number and you should be able to find a seal kit and new axle to install. If you are not up to that, the price of $680 sounds like what a dealer might quote and you can probably find a new replacement for about 2/3 that price. Replacing a wheel motor is easy, but you need to pay attention to keeping all the hydraulic connections clean at all stages so the oil is not contaminated with debris.
  7. BigFish

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    Look, the "axle" ain't bent. There is no "axle".
    More than likely the wheel/rim is bent or, as mentioned, the tire is flubbed up.
    Five years? You wait five years to address that problem ? Sheesh !
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