2012 Top three main goals


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Ragland Al
Christams is over as well as workd for this year, just wondering what you will change for next year?
My 3 main goals are...
1. Organize everything better, books , truck , account route sheet, as well as personal life.
2. Increase business by 10%, that will pretty much max me out as a solo operator.
3. Slow down a little and enjoy my work a little more. Most of my business is homes on the lake, I plan to throw a line in the water while I work, most customers have said it would be ok.


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1.) Find and implement a software to schedule all my services.
2.) Solidify my brand. (get company logos on Irrigation flags and 5 gallon buckets, get baseball hats made for my employees)
3.) Continue to keep my existing customers happy so that they will stay loyal, despite them being slapped in the face daily with the prospect of lower prices from my competitors.


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1) Become a state certified pesticide applicator
2) Increase customer base to 60 weekly full service clients
3) Pay off all business-related debt

And what the hell, I will throw in a number 4. I want to buy a commercial property to build a shop, or buy an existing shop. Also would like to have room to put up storage units. If I don't get that done, I would like to buy a rental house.


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we need to get more yards to mow and thinking about putting out door hangers!


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Central, MN
1.) Buy House
2.) Build New Shop
3.) Expand business to over 125 accounts.


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irwin pa
1. Get into fert apps
2. Get out of cutting grass and focus on getting more into hardscaping, fert apps, and landscaping. (with that being said I want to get more into full maintenance if I do continue to cut grass on more high end properties) Im sick of the pain in the ass clients wiht shitty lawns that pay for ****!
3. Do less work and make more money, I do well but I think I can continue to improve on job times by organizing my scheduale better!


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1- SAVE some money!! I've been re-investing into the business since day one. It's time to start reaping some of the benefits of all the re-investing over the last 10 years.

2- Increase employee morale.

3- Hired our first part time salesperson in 2011 & was pleased with the results. Plan on utilizing a salesperson much more in 2012.