2012 Toro Grandstand 36 inch

Discussion in 'Toro' started by StihlMechanic, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. StihlMechanic

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    In January of 2012 I will be buying a 2012 36 Toro GS. I have been told the 2012 has a 15hp Kawi engine, not the 18hp I saw on the website. Is this true?

    Also, I am needing a recycler mulch kit for this machine and the local dealers cant seem to locate it in their book. I know toro offers one. What is the part number for this kit and are blades included?

    And finally, what is the deck width with the chute up or removed? I understand the mulch kit is 1/4 inch steel so it should add 1/4 to width.

  2. LCPullman

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    Kawasaki is now rating their engines to a new stricter standard, thus the lower HP rating - http://www.kawasaki-criticalpower.com/engines
    It will be the same size engine, same power as before, only now its rated more accurately.
  3. oomph

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    Anyone know the part number for the mulch kit and stripe kit that will fit a 36 Grandstand?
  4. The Toro Company

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    The striping kit is part number 117-8560 and the reclycer mulch kit is 110-2080.

    The Toro Co
  5. fobaum

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    I've posted two new threads about the hydro cooler for my 2011 60'' grandstand.(no response) I would like to know if its an update because I have a new account w/ steep hills along I95 and after about an hour of use it strains and slows down considerably, anyway you can help me w/ hydro cooler info for my 60''GS Would be much appreciated.
  6. Triver

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    I heard early may know june mine does the same thing and boils out fluid all the time it runs for over an hour go figure
  7. fobaum

    fobaum LawnSite Senior Member
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    Yeah I have the fluid boiling out too. When I first got the 60'' GS I was looking for the cooler and couldn't find it, hmm guess it doesn't need it WRONG I always wonder why big mower manufacturers don't have smaller companies test their equipment, instead they have huge companies test them and the "DISTRICT MANAGER" is like the guys love the mowers, of course they are better than the walk behinds you had them running,:hammerhead:
    I love the GS I just wish they thought a few more things out. still the best stand-on out IMHO. I do wish the anti scalp wheels went lower and were closer to the deck, and two rear anti scalp rollers. my 2 pennies
  8. The Toro Company

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    Fobaum -
    We want to help you resolve your issues, but are not able to give good information through a forum. We ask of you, again, to please contact LCEProducts@toro.com with your direct contact information so we can personally get in touch with you regarding this topic. Thanks, Toro.

  9. Triver

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    Yes it is the best stander in my opinion too but the 60 inch should at least have 12cc pumps with the motor fans as does the wright and scag have. As you know there are no free lunches with the florida heat. Sometimes i wonder where they are tested. I hope they make a retro kit for the unit i recently seen the cooler with fan on the new one. Will see
  10. Triver

    Triver LawnSite Member
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    toro is putting the hydro fan on as we speek did they help you with your hydro troubles on your grandstand

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