2012 Walker Super B Review

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mtmower, Apr 23, 2012.

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    I demoed one this year as well. Less than 5 hrs on it.
    It felt really clumsy and stiff. Probably because of the few hours on it.
    Its not broke in yet. But it was fairly fast compared to the classic Walkers.
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    Walker mowers are known for their ugliness, poor ride, but supposedly excellent quality of cut. They have a select following, but most in the lawn maintenance business prefer a mid-mount zero turn. In the Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas, I see Exmark, Bobcat, Scag, Toro, and Hustler not necessarily in that order. I pay very close attention to mowers lawn maintenance crews operate in their business, and I honestly can't say I ever remember seeing anyone in this area using Walker mowers.
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    I had pretty much the same thing in Ohio. But when I moved out here in N.W. MT I was super surprised see Walkers all over. I'd say about 75% of the commercial cutters use Walker. I believe it was the first big dog on the porch early on with little to no competition and got a good foot hold. For some reason most of the commercial companies also bag their clippings here which means more time, equipment, and $s unless you have a private place to dump them. This has changed a little with the Super B and the side discharge option.

    Dealer support is a big factor in this area also. It's getting better with time. I'm lucky in the sense that I can perform all my own maintenance. To the LCO here that doesn't have that option our dealer would be one of the better to get serviced in a fast fashion. It's not uncommon to see them picking up or delivering a mower to a company in the field here. And overall that's a rare site to see in this neck of the woods.
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    When it comes to nimble and bagging requirements there is nothing that I've ever ran or seen that compares to the classic Walker design. The original designs if you prefer.

    If you need straight out long distance mowing with minimal obstacles then a mid mount is great.

    I've got both. A 48'' walker and a 60'' mid mount. Both have their place on the trailer. And while both are some what interchangeable to do so puts both outside of their designed comfort zones.

    Few crews here run exclusively walkers. Many are set up like mine, a walker for the tighter areas and a mid mount for wide open mowing.

    One more thing for the walker haters and there are many, to keep in mind is that walker has sold around 250,000 units in various world wide markets. That by any standards is a respectable showing for a piece of machinery so many consider to be pure junk.

    I've got a friend that is a real hater, it gets funny to listen to him because he can be irrational about it.
    As happens here as well.
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    This has been an interesting thread to read. My little operation owns 4 Walkers, 4 Gravelys, and more than double that many Exmarks. They are all extremely capable mowers, or I wouldn't own them, but they have different capabilities and characteristics that make them excel, or not, at different tasks.

    I thought mtmower wrote a very fair review of the Super B, although at the end he concluded that it was not right for his business. He did not "trash" the mower as was alleged by at least one commenter. He stated his experience with it and supported his conclusions based on those experiences. That's the way it should work. All the noise about what type of mower is "better" is a little like arguing whether Ford or Chevy is "better." It is either subjective or based on different needs in different contexts. I've been participating on LS for a while now, and I really appreciate the LCO's, like mtmower, who give us the benefit of their experiences in their comments and reviews. Their efforts increase our own knowledge base and enhance our ability to make decisions that work in our respective businesses.

    I would like to make one small point. Several commenters stated that Walker mowers are "slow" compared to mid-mount mowers. This is true with reference to the more common GHS Walkers, like the MT. Walker designed those mowers to operate at slightly slower speeds because the steering is "twitchier" as a result of the shorter deflection range of the steering levers. The Super B, however, is not a slow mower. It is much more comparable to mid-mount mowers in terms of maximum useful cutting speed.

    And btw, whoever contacted mtmower's dealer and attempted to "rat" on him for the content of his review is, in my opinion, a ******.
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