2013 entry level Super Z, what pumps does it have

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Realslowww, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. Realslowww

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    They have a new 13 MPH Super, I was curious how much wimpier it is over a the Hyper and how much cheaper it is.

    The HD model just looks like 26 inch tires?, the Pupster should probably change his tires out to 26's to set a new world record on the farm for time.
  2. Realslowww

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    Nobody knows if the new intermediate Super uses the old 21 cc HydroGear Pumps ?
  3. Realslowww

    Realslowww LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I just talked to a dealer and he told me he was pretty sure it used the old 21cc Dynagear pump and the new Parker wheel motor with hot shuttle like the Hyper uses minus the better pumps, I am going to check out if the 21 cc Dyna pump is easily changed out with a Sauer DanFoss on the 2013 lower model Super like they use on the top of the line Hyper model. I do not see why it would be much work.

    I was really surprised at how much little more the component's are on a Hyper when you buy them from Hustler, they must be getting a good deal on them because the Hyper setup wheel motor and pump can be bought from a dealer for 15 to 16 hundred per side.

    What this probably means is you can update an old style super with the new drive for a very reasonably priced up grade and just add a oil cooler and additional fan and you have a fairly descent Hyper on an old style Super Z.

    I am in the process of updating my old Super, I found a steal on Ebay for the Spindles and clutch that come on the newer Hyper Super Z unit.

    Put a big Generac on one because it will bolt right up with light modes with the newer spindles and clutch and as the stock Drive wears out you update it with the newer stuff and you have a Super Hyper with the advantages of the old more agile design with better fuel tanks, that is if the XR 7 deck will work for you.

    You should be able to do this to the pre XR7's as well, it makes more sense to update the old super with the newer setup rather than buy the old style parts ?

    Just passing the information along for those who might want to keep their older mower's alive and up to date with current machines.

    This also means any mower that uses the 21 cc Dynagear pumps can probably up date their mower with the Sauer Danfoss pumps for about the same price as buying the stock inferior components.

    Everybody I talk to agrees these setup's are in a class by themselves as far as z's go, so it makes sense no matter what mower you have to use these pumps if you can make them work for you.

    I had a long talk with a rebuilder of hydraulics and he told me if the stuff will bolt up and the #'s work for what you need just run what ever you get a good deal on and forget about brand.

    Hydraulics are stupid and do not care, so it is like go to a surplus house and get the stuff cheap and bolt it up for a rebuild or if you are going to pay top $ at the dealer you might as well make it better than stock!
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    Wonderful information, I feel it will be very helpful to many...
  5. Realslowww

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    Thankyou Puppy, when you get your 26's mounted tell us about the Guinness world record you set on your farm.

    Maybe you should find some nice 28's or 30's and just blast the record to smithereenes.
  6. Mickhippy

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    Great info! Just remember that the larger fan and clutch draw more charge, its why there isnt a DFI on the SZ.
    I think (dont quote me) youd need to start from the clutch and work your way towards, fan, pumps and wheel motors if doing an upgrade. Basically do it all at the same time. Its a system, not just coddled together. I wonder if you'd need a bigger hydro oil tank as well as it plays a part in the cooling. Perhaps a bigger radiator/fan to make up for the smaller tank. But that would draw more charge. Just something to take into account anyway. I could very well be wrong!

    But, I would love to know how it goes if you do this. My old SZ is gone but I would of loved these hydros and bigger engine on that machine.

    Keep us up to date with your upgrades on this thread. Just amazes me sometimes how mechanically minded some are on this site! Jealous as hell! haa
  7. puppypaws

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    They are going to make me aware when the first FX1000V-DFI is installed, and I will trade at that time anyway, the 26's will come on the new mower. I'm just waiting, and have been told it may be in place by this fall. I've already seen times I've tried to get more speed out of the 72 in certain areas, so I'm definitely all about more speed.
  8. Realslowww

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    You do not need to run a second fan, another oil cooler from Ebay will knock a lot of the Heat out of the system. I can get the stock White wheel motors for 219 surplus new. They do not have the shuttle but would be cheaper than the Parker 280 units.

    I would probably need to make new Hydro lines about 200 $, you do not need to change the clutch and spindles but the cutting I do is extreme in some cases and I bend the stock spindles alot. The deck will probably need a mod to make the new spindles work. I need to upgrade the pulleys all around about 150$ but I need most of this stuff anyway because all my stuff is worn.

    You have got to make slight changes to the Exhaust for the Generac, these power houses are the same weight and size as the Kohler 30.

    Yaa thanks, I read about the charging system. Fixing a problem like that is easy just wind a slightly bigger coil. I have had that done custom on off road bikes for about 80$ so that is not a big deal.

    What is it you like about the older unit ? I demoed a new one with the HYPER and I thought it was definitely a much more built mower but a pig at the same time. OINK, OINK! I really did not care for the way it road as well.
  9. Realslowww

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    Come on McHippy, I want to here your final verdict on your list of grips with the new mower. You have had it a few years.

    The mower overall is superior to the old model but I feel if they could have fixed the problems with the old mower it was a better do it all package because it was smaller and lighter.

    I have heard a few complaints about the new machine and one of the threads on this site verified what I was told, one guy one this site had the deck that would jump and skip at speed so he could not utilize the speed and that is what a guy I talked to here locally told me about his 60 Super Hyper.

    I had a few dealers tell me that some people were liking the X ONE and Red Dog's better because the hydro's were not as touchy and the machines road better.

    Hustler had to redesign the mower because the Big Block Motors were overall to big for the old design, that is what makes the Generac so nice.

    I can see for a guy like Puppy why the new mower is just plain better but for the average guy doing all kinds of properties do you think the old design with all the problem areas fixed to be better for most?
  10. Mickhippy

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    Not all, very few actually of my properties are wide open so the smaller lighter SZ is a better choice for me. But, after having hydro issues before on my first SZ, the new much heavier duty system suits me better. I have to mow some pretty steep or long slopes and also so pretty sh!tty properties at times.
    Its a catch 22. Need the drive but dont need the size and weight.

    I love the drive system and only get the deck bounce if I hit a pretty bad rut at higher speeds. Its a non issue for me. I also dont get the jerking that Green has mentioned.

    There are a few nit picky things I hate about the machine namely the fuel tanks but they are what they are. Damn you EPA!!!!
    The only REAL problem I have is the discharge and the importers are working with me to fix it. I just hope we can!
    Really, if I knew I would have to go through all this, I would of bought something else. At the end of the day if it cant mow properly then the best drive in the world means nothing.

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