2013 ford f150 ecoboost

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by rungreen, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. rungreen

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    Been looking at new ones never been around one. How does everyone like them, and how is reliabilty down the road once they get some miles. Will pull trailer some but more of everyday run around truck.
  2. GrassGuerilla

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  3. Chris_NC06

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    Me too. Not really interested in a Ford, but still curious as to how these motors are holding up now that some have a few miles on 'em.
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  4. Deererunner

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    My girlfriend has a 2011 f150 with the 5.0, not the economist that she uses to pull her horse trailer and let me tell you curse that truck all the time. Now I know it's not the same engine buts it's not the engine I have a problem with, it's everything else. In-fact, the 5.0 pull the 1500 pound horse trailer with 3000 pound of horses around really nice.

    What I do not like about te truck is the real suspension, with 11,000 mile on it, I have already had to put air bags in the truck just from keeping it squatting. I borrowed it one night to pick up 10 2x10x10's from home depot and I up the bumper on the ground.

    At 11,000 miles already have to do new rotors because the factory's have warped, and it's not from her driving, she actually drives pretty well and has the horse trailer brakes set higher then she should to take more off the truck.

    Visibility for backing up is awful, at least in my opinion. So many bind spots with the new re-engineered cab, she has the ext'd model.

    Can't ever put a plow on the front of it which I'm not happy about, would be nice to have a boss mount on it have it ready just a a back up in case one of my trucks go down during a storm.

    I hope this helps a little, like I said she has the 5.0 not the Eco but all the problems I have had with it would be te same with the eco if I'm not mistaken. Gas mileage on her truck highway is 18 and towing te horse trailer about 9, so not bad and has plenty of power for what she does.
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  5. LandFakers

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    I can second the bad visibility. Sat in one a few months ago and couldnt see jack, kind of like my wifes volvo
  6. Colaguy

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    My bro gets a new F 150 every year. Last yr it was the 5.0 engine, This yr the ecoboost engine. The Eco is rated to pull up to 11K. Mph greatly varies when pulling a trailer. I've driven it many times and its like a rocket with (4) wheels on the road. Awesome truck. His has the 7" weather/radio display w/the back up camera built in the tailgate. I love driving it. Check out the link above, they have a forum & you can find any answer you might have about the Ecoboost.
  7. allinearth

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    Got mine on order, with the max trailer tow option. Got it as a daily driver that will have ability to tow as needed I hope. From what I've seen its like every other newer engine they've come out with. Had a few probs the first few years but I'm hoping they have it down by now. We'll see.
  8. GQLL

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    Have a 2012 with 13k on it. Solid truck great on gas averaging 15.4 pulling my 21 foot boat (4500 pounds) I don't have a problem with blind spots. I like it better then the 2010f350 I have. Only work that been done is oil change and there at 7500 miles. For a personal truck I love it rides good and handles great

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  10. Chris_NC06

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    You're right. It sure ain't no Chevy, but hey it's better than a Dodge... or an import.
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