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    ive looked under elements of business for license and insurance and read alot but were to go to purchase this .do i have to have special insurance for this type of business .also who do i contact about a business liscense.i know i read county exstension but that was for a pest liscence .thankyou ronnie
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    Here is 62 threads on insurance. Yes you need a business insurance and an inland marine to cover equipment. You also want commercial insurance on your truck. Ask your insurance agent if they handle this, if not he probably can suggest someone. I use an insurance broker to get the best rates. Here is the search on this I got off of my website links page.
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    How are you running your business so far without the answer to these questions? Or haven't you started yet? Well, whatever. Your local insurance provider should be able to answer the question of insurance. Tell him what you do and you will obtain the proper insurance and forms and costs. It was that simple for me. They know what they are doing.
    Call your County courthouse and ask who to talk to about whether or not you need a license. They may tell you to talk to the city or village you work or live in. I think every state and city may have different rules and regulations.
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    i dont have insurance or business liscence .so boo to me but im definately serious i register for a horticulture class which i thought was a good step.im sorry for asking a question that has been posted i to get annoyed about reading same post over and over again.im starting out and i wanted to find out if this would be something i was interested in.thats why im asking for help.anyways thanks

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