I bought this 2014 fan bark blower 302 in 2015. I’ll tell you what this thing really blows out the mulch and made me a lot of money. I used to install mulch by hand at about 1 yd./h. With this thing it’ll run 5 yd./h all day long. And this is the 2014 model that is also pre-emissions. Included with this sale is 200 feet of orangutan lightweight blower hose with QuickFlow attachments. All that means is that you’re not gonna wear yourself out with these upgraded hoses compared to the brand new Finn hose. And you’re not gonna have as many clog ups with the upgraded easy flow adapters. This is really an amazing machine.
I don’t have any videos of this thing in operation at the moment, but if you’re interested, I can definitely fire this thing up and blow some mulch out in my beds before Christmas and share the video.
I also have to share that last year I had a tree to fall on the shed that stored this machine. It crumpled up my hopper. the engine and other vital mechanical components were spared any damage. I replaced as many parts (sheet metal) as I could, but due to some of the supply chain problems we had back in the winter, I was not able to acquire one of the black nets to hold the mulch in on the trip lever for easy loading, and the angle iron was not available. But everything else needed was available and as you see was installed. I ran it this year as it was without any issues.

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