2014 Permagreen help


LawnSite Member
I have a 2014 that I am trying to calibrate. I am getting 42 oz on wide high speed nozzle at 20 seconds. I am told it should be 32 oz . I am getting 14 oz on the high speed trim nozzle. I am told that should be 11 oz. I talked to Dan at Permagreen and he said their is an adjustment on pump. I tried adjusting it with the allen head screw. It made no difference in the out put. I know I can adjust my solution to go at it with the mentioned output, but I want to have it right. I think I can change nozzles again, but don't want to really spend anymore money on it.

So what I m asking is does anyone have any suggestions as to why it putting out more that it should that I may have over looked. RPMs are 3450 also.