2016 Gravely X-Factor II Deck Changes

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    I want to share with you the changes that were made in the Gravely X-Factor II Decks (52", 60" and 72”) on our Pro-Turn 200/400 Series mowers from MY15 to MY16:

    Improved Quality of Cut

    - We added the Constant Belt Tension System to assure that the belt tension is constant and the blade tip speed is consistent.

    Ease of Maintenance and Transport

    - We simplified the Deck Level Design to a four-point adjustment that uses half the parts and no deck hanging welds. This will make it quick and easy to adjust and maintain your deck leveling for better cutting performance and less down time.

    - We added tool-less belt covers for easy access.

    - We added a flip up rubber discharge chute to provide easy transport in tight spaces.

    Additional 72" Deck Changes:

    In addition to the above changes, we redesigned our Pro-Turn 472 X-Factor II Deck to provide better air flow to reduce clumping and blow out by reducing and eliminating "choke" points and providing better cut quality. The improvements to our 72” deck include:

    - We increased our discharge chute opening by 28% increase which allows grass to exit the deck easier and disperse the grass evenly as it is discharged.

    - We increased the area in front of the center blade to reduce blowout and allow grass clipping to travel from trim side to discharge side more easily resulting in the deck’s ability to process a larger volume of grass.

    - We rounded the rear baffles to allow air and grass to move freely between cut paths.

    - Our deck takes less HP to run under the same conditions as our old deck.

    - We added a new notched SD blade - The new side discharge blade was optimized for the 72” internal baffle geometry to provide significant lift, but not too much to cause blowout. (This is the technical version, but all tests show that it works great for our 72" deck.)

    So what does this mean? Increased cut capacity, increased QOC (less stragglers, streaking and dropout), better grass dispersion on discharge, and increased blade overlap to prevent streaking.

    The reason we only made these changes on the 72” deck is because this deck size had space constraints restricting air flow while our other deck sizes don’t.

    The images below show the previous deck air flow compared to the new deck design. I thought this was a good comparison image to show the improvements.

    We are excited about our new Pro-Turn 472 and hope you will have a chance to give it a try. I think you will notice a significant difference. Let me know if you are interested in a demo.

    As always, I'm here if you have any questions.

    Mary Lyn

    New Deck 4.JPG

    Old Deck.4.JPG
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    I am looking to demo or at least take a look at one of the new 472s. My dealer cannot get one to demo unless he has a commitment to purchase nor does he stock any 72" decks. We have a 460 and love it, but would REALLY like to see the new 472 and try it out, at least at a dealership before buying. Maybe you have someone who bought one in the area that I could go talk to or something? Any feedback would be awesome. Thanks. We have some larger properties and I've narrowed it down to Gravely Scag or Deere. Thanks, Mary Lyn.

    All the best,

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    Great, hopefully these improvements will give better results than my "old deck".

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    Are the new blades still 24.5" with a 5/8" hole?
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    still has 1 owner warranty. Looks like they copied deere's design on deck adjustment, chute opening, belt tension lol
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    I dont think they copied the design of the deck adjustment, the "wheel" that gravely uses is totally different than the small rubber molded height adjustment of the deere. The belt tension they added an idler close the the trim side pully, which was needed. The belt on my 472 has alot of movement in it when the pto is engaged and the spring tension set at 13-14" of tension.
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    I went with a scag this time. Worried about what's happening at gravely. ...not the same.
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    Just typed in GRAVELY in the search field to catch up. Haven't been on here for a few weeks. Most of what I find is: lots of complaints about clumping and poor discharge. Then the words, I switched to a SCAG V RIDE, or I wish I would have bought a Scag, or, I was considering Gravely but I'm not any more after reading about the poor quality of cut and how the customer service has gone down hill recently. Man.....
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    I will say, the our 460 is VERY impressive and a dream to drive. Actually easier to maneuver than the scag. It bag very well, even in thick wet grass. However, we use it for bagging 97% of the time, so I don't know how the discharge does. But I used it myself 2 days ago on a new account that was 2.5 feet high and it discharged just fine. It is head and shoulders above our Toros but I must say the new Scag is even a bit better than the Gravely. It is more difficult to maneuver (less intuitive and you really need to reef on those sticks to back up etc) but it does well in wet thick grass. Again, we use the scag 97% bagging as well, but it does very well. I wish the bags weren't so long, I love the gravely bagger. Seat comfort about equal but a slight edge to the gravely with the air ride seat - it's awesome. I've used them all, we have ferris, deere, toro, exmark, great dane, gravely, scag. And I would put the top, at Scag, then gravely and deere. Overall I would say gravely is better than JD, but I'm nervous with how things are going lately and if they keep it up, their customer service will bring them down to deere (at least in my area). PM me with any questions or thoughts....always glad to give feedback and talk - we put the mowers through their paces.

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    I've loved the gravelys since 2001, after owning five I have owned my last until they change the deck. The rest of the mower is awesome! The machines are easy to service, tough and handle extremely well. I'm just done with the clumps.

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