2016 Ground Logic Pathfinder with upgrades FS

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Rochester, MN
I have for sale a 2016 Ground Logic Pathfinder Spreader/Sprayer.
120 lb Spyker hopper, 12 gallon tank.
Upgrades include addition of two nozzle Spray Bar on the front, and custom 15 ft retractable mini Cox hose reel on non edge guard side of machine. Got rid of the factory coil hose (which always kinked) and gun and added the retractable reel which is MUCH better for walking a short distance away from the machine to hit hard to reach areas. You may even be able add a bit more hose to the reel, but 15 ft did me fine with the smaller pump that the Ground Logic has.

Hours on the machine are around 550. Original Honda engine and Peerless Tranny. Engine still starts on first pull, very trustworthy.

I upgraded to a ZSpray 36 this season but kept the GL around just in case I didn't like the Z. Now it looks like the Z will suit me well, so need to sell out the GL.

New Ferris model Pathfinders go for $9049 stock price, not including the spray bar nor the retractable hose reel that I added myself. Going to go with a price of $6000 as is. Pics to come.