2016 Snapper S200XT -- engine fell off!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DMoneyallstar, Aug 16, 2017.

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    First off, this is more of a "heads up" rather than an attempt to bash Snapper Pro.

    Hopped on my S200XT the other day to mow. She's a 2016 61" model with the 25.5 FX801V Kawasaki engine. After she warmed up for 1-2min I throttle up to 75%, engage deck PTO and I feel a "clunk" right when the blades powered up. Turn PTO off, throttle down and listen, but don't hear/feel anything strange. I engage the deck PTO at 75% throttle again and feel the clunk again but this time there's no power to the deck. And the motor controls aren't responding. I shut the machine down and hop off.

    As soon as I take a gander at the engine bay I know something is VERY wrong. The engine is sitting tilted back about 10-20 degrees, my drive belt is chewed up, and the deck belt is off. Upon further inspection I see all 4 engine mount bolt holes are exposed. The only thing holding the engine to the chassis are the 2 muffle bolts and the torn up drive belt. Glad it didn't result in a thermal event or some kind of injury to be honest.

    Thankfully this machine is still under warranty with under 50-hrs & 10-months on it.

    I had to winch it onto my trailer with my RZR with the wheel controls tilted in (frees the wheel motors to spin rather than unlocking each motor). Neighbor had fun watching my circus, haha.

    Turns out the front two bolts fell out at some point in time and the two rear bolts snapped off when I engaged the PTO that last time. The dealer replaced the bottom end (only way to fix with broken bolts), replaced the muffler, and replaced the drive belt. I can't imagine what this would've cost out of warranty, good Lord!!

    My root cause theory is something like this: since the 25.5 Kaw engine is optional, the dealer may have installed it themselves and simply didn't install the bolts correctly, wrong bolts, or something. Or the factory didn't use any thread sealant and/or didn't torque them to spec.

    It's not something anyone typically checks before they mow, so keep an eye on those engine mount bolts! Make sure they're tight, loctited, and made of high grade steel (i.e. grade 8). I'm an 20yr engineer and also very meticulous with my machine...checking fluids/belts, cleaning it up after each use, washing every couple weeks, oil changes, synthetic oil, premium filters, etc. But loose engine bolts never crossed my mind!


  2. DMoneyallstar

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    Whoops, image uploaded twice. My bad.
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    Wow! That's a first for me I have to say. I would never have thought to check them either, and normally, you shouldn't have to. Maybe a Monday or Friday built machine. Who knows, but glad you weren't hurt or worse, and glad you are still under warranty.
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    well we now know how they got there name .... bolt snapper .....
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    Yea glad your ok, do you have any pics where the bolts thread in underneath, are they toast? Can you put new bolts in and chase threads? Hopefully you called your dealer, man I hope they work with you.
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    Same exact thing happened to me on a gravely proturn. Including oil pan bolts.
  7. ShaneL.

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    I will definitely check mine. Just reached 160 hrs.
  8. Turf Tracer

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    Stuff happens more than you think. Out of past six Tracers I bought, three had random loose bolts. Minor stuff.

    But one they neglected to Loctite bolts on Neutral Locks which sent a guy almost into a car and through a fence.
  9. PicturePerfectLawns

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    Funny this post comes up. I just went through this same problem with a V-Ride last week! Engine mount bolts that go through the frame and into the bottom end. Mine wasn't under warranty though. Makes me think some manufactures should be using loctite on these bolts.

    Mine winded up stripping all the threads when coming out,assuming from the engine shifting. Tried to chase threads with one-size up bolts. Wouldn't work. I didn't have time to pull the engine assembly, nor do I plan to replace the bottom end. I winded up making some braces for the front and rear of the engine that run from the frame to the engine. Has held up great over the past week, even on rough properties.
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  10. PicturePerfectLawns

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    Forgot to add that mine that came out were on a Scag, but also on a FX801V engine like mentioned above. I wonder if the problem is specific to the bigger engines....
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