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2016 Z-Spray Intermediate SERIAL# ZS4630-2016-01B. Machine is in very good condition and has been maintained very well. Everything on machine works perfect as it should and is ready to go out and work. All fluids were just changed and all zerk fittings greased. Original owner of this machine. Engine was replaced at 2,100hrs and was upgraded to a 18HP Vangaurd. Motor has 505hrs. Total hours on machine are 2,605hrs. Any other wear items on machine have been replaced seasonally sense 2016 including many parts most people would never replace unless broken, (preventative maintenance in other words) Including all new wheel/tire assemblies, all new bearings/seals, hoses, pumps, sprayer parts, cables, knobs, so on and so on, The list is very long. Basically the machine was gone through from the ground up seasonally. More pics available upon request. $7,900
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