2 TS Gators, both 2017. We are the original owners. Maintained by our full-time mechanic. Cosmetically there are scratches, seat tears, staining in bed liners, etc... BUT they are mechanically sound. Both crank right up, electric beds dump, drivetrains work well. One has 1078 hours, the other has 782 on their Kawasaki FJ400D 13 hp engines. Additional factory options are push bars, safety light on pole, and power dump beds. 500 lb load and 900lb towing capacities (yes they have receiver hitches on them). They both have brand new batteries. Both are 2-wheel drive (rear wheels are drive wheels). We are willing to sell them separately if interested. The only reason we are selling them is because we closed a branch down, so we have extra. Price is pretty firm and cash is preferred.