2018 Aeration & Seeding prices for Fert / Squirt guys

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by GREENITUP, Jul 4, 2018.

  1. ProGroLawns

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    We charge $35-$40 per K, seems to even out just fine.
  2. TPendagast

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    I’m not criticizing but 5 lbs per thousand is more seed than you use to seed a new lawn with zero grass.
    I think you’re using too much seed
    Cut it back to three

    Have you thought about a slice seeder for over seeding?
    If you double tap the aeration/overseeding
    You could do better
    Maybe on a 3000 sf job only 700 sf is bare
    So you arerate the whole thing $70
    Broadcast overseed (9 lbs of seed) $30
    And then slit/slice seed the 700 sf (3.5lbs) for $55
    Total cost is $155 and you’ve used 12.5 pounds of seed.

    You’re way you’ve used 15 pounds of seed and charged $115.

    My way you make more net
    And you’ve offered the customer more perceived value.
    Yes the cost is higher but they don’t have to buy everything
    They could just get aerated at $70
    They could only aerate and broadcast seed for $100 total
    Or get the deluxe for $155
  3. robert0223

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    Hey guys ,
    Little bit off subject, but when you oversseding in fall do you apply just the starter fertilizer or you also apply the step 4 ?
  4. Cjames808

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    We aerate at a $100 up to 5000sf then additional $20 per 1k/sf.

    Over seed $50 2-3#/1000 then $5 per #.

    1/2 dose of starter or heavy of Milorganite. $50 then $5/1000

    In end $200 up to 5000 sq ft. We do a bunch early spring and fall, works great.
  5. RigglePLC

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    surely you do not mean Scotts Step 4 for fall.
    Assuming you mean application Round 4--clearly you do not want to include weed control (maybe Tenacity).
    Of course, you cannot double apply fertilizer--there is a risk of fert burn.
    However, I think additional fertilizer is a good idea at week 3 and 6. The idea being to give the new grass a boost--taller, thicker and greener. In theory, it will be cooler and excess growth should not be a problem. More grass is the goal when planting new seed. Customer needs to be happy--perfectly delighted.

    There is a chance--that you could apply weed control in October--if--you think the new grass is mature enough. Usually this means two mowings of new grass according to the label. If you want to risk it with herbicide before that--that is a judgement call.
  6. robert0223

    robert0223 LawnSite Member
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    OK cool thanks for the advice!!!!
  7. The Lawn Nazi

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    I personally charge $350 for the first 5000 square feet, and then $150 for each additional portion of 1,000 square feet.

    Don’t forget multiple directions and compost soil where you’d put your “extra seed”



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