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I partially agree with you on the ztr statement.. however, my 60" vantage is quite a bit lighter than my lazer, so a lot of wet days, I can still get out with it, while the ztr guys are waiting around.. it's my understanding from my dealer that the new Yaris or whatever is up around ztr weights... so I'm losing the lighter footprint..
If memory serves me correctly the 60” Staris is around 1100-1150 lbs.

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All the best Walks use pins. HC/LC’s, FW’s and Tracers. Really no big deal until you hit 52”

This is not a walk, it's a stand on. Drop the pins.


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Picked up a 32 last week. Haven’t had a chance to mow with it, but have played with it around the house. Can’t compare it to other standers as this is my first. Previous mower was a 32 toro walk behind.
A lot of YouTube videos from GIE claimed that you leaned awkwardly forward and was uncomfortable for tall people. I’m 6’1. Let’s just say, I’m extremely happy with my first impressions. First time on, I too felt like I was leaning too far forward. After playing on it for about 30 min, it began to feel right. Now after playing with it for a week, it feels perfect. Guess it just takes time to get acclimated to the feel of the mower. Don’t let those opinions deter your from it. Try it yourself.
Can’t wait to put it to use this spring and look forward to others opinions. I’ll share mine once I put it to work.

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