2019 Zspray Intermediate tank caps leaking

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by GrassManKzoo, Jul 23, 2019.

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    Have an ongoing issue with my machine and wanted to compare notes with some other operators.

    Bought brand new Zspray this spring from SiteOne.
    Round 1 was all granular so I obviously didn’t have an issue.
    Get to round 2 and start spraying weed control, caps were tight on both tanks but had minor leaks when it is sloshing around. Eventually the caps would spin round and round not getting tight. Even if I could get them kind of tight they would just pour out liquid and you could easily just pull the cap off the threads.
    SiteOne gave me a free set of gaskets for them to try to resolve the issue to no avail and they had their own set of issues. At this point they are ordering new tanks and lids for me for free.
    They also informed me that there was another machine in town having the same issues. Just trying to get a grip on how many poorly molded tanks are out there.

    . Sooooo... any one else?
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    I bought the 30 gal aux tank for the intermediate from site one. Had the same experience , seemed like
    Nothing could stop the leaking. I finally just put a different cap on the tank and bingo , no leaks.
    I also bought a new intermediate last year from site one and no problems with leaks
  3. OP

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    tried the caps off my 2 year old machine and it wasn’t any better :dizzy:

    I’ve only been putting 10 gal in each tank to subside the issue until it’s fully resolved. If I get to a huge yard I’ll fill all the way up and wrap a rag and electric tape around the bottom of the cap and suck off of both sides until the level drops.

    If I remember I’ll try and make a little video of it tomorrow.

    This is the new standard of quality thanks to TORO
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