20hp Briggs, need help with price, also 5" Hydro cylinder and Steel Beam

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by roberthathaway7, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. roberthathaway7

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    Hey guys, I have a 20 HP Briggs and Stratton OHV Platinum Intek motor, still has all wire harnesses attached from Craftsman Rider, and still has throttle and choke assemblies attached. Just needs a muffler. Not sure of hours, came off my dad's Craftman Rider that he used at home. Was going to use it for log splitter but looks like I'm just going to have to sell it. Any fair offers? I ask that you please be fair because I don't know how much to ask for it really, offers made public, and even if you're not interested, could you tell me what a fair price would be?

    Also- I have a 5" hydraulic cylinder that came from a CAT factory with a 18" stroke. That's 30 ton @ 3000psi. It's not attached to beam in pic, just sitting on it. $200

    Also- Beam. $25 or free with either or both pieces. Willing

    I live in Harrisburg IL, 62946, would be willing to travel. Unless you just want the beam, then I'll only travel 3 blocks, haha
  2. roberthathaway7

    roberthathaway7 LawnSite Member
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    Sorry, forgot to add these on first post. Also wanted to add that I had carb cleaned and new air filters put on.





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    I do not know If this helps you or not but a couple moths ago I got a lightly used 18hp vanguard (commercial grade engine unlike te platinum) vertical shaft for 400. With that said I would say 400 would be your max, maybe 500 but I believe you can get one new for around 800, I could be wrong though. Good luck!
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  4. roberthathaway7

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    Thanks. I just found out that mufflers for it aren't cheap. I'd sell it to anyone who wanted to pick it up for 200 I guess
  5. CuttingEdgeLandscapes

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    Where are you located?
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  6. roberthathaway7

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    Harrisburg IL, but I would take it to Marion, IL or Paducah KY and meet close to the interstate for anyone who has cash in hand
  7. roberthathaway7

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    Wew, yeah I see you're coming from tipp city, I would meet in Evansville IN too, but that's a haul for you


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