20HP Kohler Command Vert. Shaft--HELP

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by jphips, Apr 5, 2006.

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    I have a tractor with a 20hp kohler command vertical shaft engine in it. All of a sudden at the end of last year it developed a problem. It starts and runs at high and low idle beautifullly, but after running for anywhere from 10minutes to 30 minutes it will immediately die, like someone turned off the key. It doesn't peter out, putt, or diesel as it dies. Then it refuses to start for at least 12 hours, but then it starts like a champ and the whole process repeats itself. Help, any suggestions please. I have replaced/gapped the plugs, changed the spark generator, replaced the fuel filter, replaced/changed the oil, checked wires, etc. What am I overlooking?
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    Spark generator? I am assuming that you are referring to the ignition coil.

    You should have gapped these ignition coils to spec, I assume that you did.

    First, check for spark on BOTH cylinders after the engine dies and verify that you do have an ignition problem. If you have no spark, disconnect the white wire to the engine that grounds the ignition coils. Look for the white wire to be burned, pinched, or chaffed under the blower housing.

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