21/30 inch mowers as main mowers

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SSantor, Jul 27, 2014.

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    AMEN AMEN thanks for saying that
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    Agree. I only run 30". I cut ALL my lawns as fast (usually several minutes faster) with the 30 compared to a 48. I am in urban/suburban with 1 million pop.
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    Well said:drinkup:
  4. SSantor

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    I agree with what everyone is saying there are two different markets. Our area has a lot of huge developments with small to medium size yards. I really think you have to make a business plan that is best for your situation. Some things that I looked at when switching to smaller lawns and equipment last year: First the price of cutting a lawn did not go up greatly over the last couple of years. Yes there is really good lawn mowing equipment out there, but personally I felt the price to the amount you get for cutting a lawn was getting out of balance. For instance a good hydro walkbehind mower goes for $6000 grand in our area, then you add up a bag, velkey, or mulch kit and your looking at another five hundred. A thirty inch exmark goes for $1600, that includes bag, and mulch plug. That's three to four new mowers to one hydro. The gas prices started to go up, the 30's save us a lot. Finding employees to train on these mowers is much easier. It takes time to train people on hydro's. Some just can not use a hydro, they can use a 30. The cost to repair hydro's and riders was really getting to be expensive. There is not to much expense to the 30's. No hydro's or electrical problems. We timed every account and on the small lawns we were faster with the 30's. I liked that you could mulch, discharge, or bag in a moments time. You didn't have the flex ability with the walkbehinds. I personally felt the 30's cut better. Would they work in every area, No. I also am not saying this is the way everyone should do it. We use to have larger lawns and bigger equipment and this year and last year we made more money by downsizing lawn sizes and equipment. Can you make money with large mowers and large lawns, Yes, but you better have the large lawns for big money. I don't think a lot of mowing companies really set up a business plan. I think you can make money mowing, but you need a system and plan. We broke everything down last year and we really felt it was in our best interest to go with the 30's and it paid off. We tighted up our routes, cut our over head down, and developed a good mowing system on our lawns. It paid off for us. The thing that is funny is the other day another landscaper who was young said pretty soon you'll have to get a big rider and some walkbehinds and you'll really be in the money! That is the way I use to think when I was young. This is just my opinion, some people may agree or not agree with me, but it has worked for us.
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    There has to be a ton of money being left on the table by guys who think that using small mowers is beneath them.
    If there was no money in it, the big guys around here wouldn't send two man crews out with push mowers to service those small properties.

    The 30" mower is going to change the way a lot of guys do business - it has for me already. I'm not taking anything I can't use the 30" on - it's just ridiculously faster than using my 21".
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    I need to weigh in on this too, with the intention of providing the greatest clarity of information to those who use this website for such. I'm sorry Oaknut, I don't mean any offense to you by disagreeing. However, I see you all over this site unwaveringly pledging your alliegence to this mower. I have stated above that it is the first mower off, and I will add that that is probably used on ~75% of cuts. However, I believe both for informational purposes, as well as for the future of this platform we MUST admit that it has downfalls, and many of them. This is not a perfect mower, and perpetuating such is just as irritating to me as telling every gardener that they should be mowing their <2k lots with a 60".
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  7. sjessen

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    Apologies to the OP for being slightly off topic. I think there is a market niche was a 36" Timemaster type mower. It could be manufactured using the same style as the Timemaster with a bit larger engine, say 2-3 hp, a little better transmission, bigger wheels, some sort of braking system etc. I think guys would pay $1500 for a mower that size.

    Got to believe someone, somewhere has thought about making a machine along these lines.
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  8. TPendagast

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    huh? the 30" is almost $2000.

    So you think someone is going to make something bigger and better for 2/3 price??

    They make 36" mowersÂ… and they cost thousands.
  9. sjessen

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    T, Timemasters are $1000. Wasn't talking about commercial units. Those would probably run $2500+.

    My reasoning is there are more and more folks who don't want "those big mowers" on their lawns. These same people would be just fine with a wb of 36 even 40 or 42" so long as it didn't have big tires and a sulky.
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  10. OakNut

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    Oh sure, I'm not saying the Timemaster/Turfmaster is the perfect mower - it has it's limitations as does any mower, but that's for a different thread.

    For my purposes though, it's been a blessing, and I can't see a reason why someone couldn't do well using a 21" and/or 30" mower as was posed by the OP.


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