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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by exploring, May 25, 2008.

  1. exploring

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    As Toro owns Exmark and Lawnboy, is there really much difference anymore in the commercial mowers of these three brands? The old Honda HRC hydrostatics were legendary but are the newer ones any better than the Toro/Exmark/Lawnboy offerings? Any personal favorites for bagging or mulching or combined bagging and mulching performance? Thanks!
  2. lawnprosteveo

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    Ive used Toro Prolines for my 21's for 6 yrs now. Mostly mulch with them...not the best baggers though. They have been very reliable, cut great, and have lasted well.
  3. exploring

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  4. BCSteel

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    I'm not sure about the mowers that you are asking about but I usually get about 2000hrs out of the 6hp kawis.
  5. kmitt

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    The Toro Proline Recyclers are great mulchers but do not bag very well, especially in wet conditions.
    I've used Hondas in the past and they excel in bagging but can't mulch well at all. I also found that everything but the engine will break on a Honda. My experience with them was about 12 years ago, I'm not sure how they perform now.
  6. LawnBrother

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    I love my proline. I am thinking about a commercial
    Lawnboy, though, anybody run these?
  7. exploring

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    I've read here that the Exmark Metro 26 don't hunt/is underpowered with the 6 hp Kawasaki. I presume this 6 hp performs admirably in the smaller Exmark Metro 21. So which is the better pick between a Metro 21 and a Toro 21" Heavy Duty when both are equipped with the 6 hp Kawasaki? Any votes for the smaller 5.5 hp Honda engine on these models?
  8. wiselawns

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    For the past few years ive been using cheapo craftsman pushmowers for the areas my scag cant get. They got me by, but just dont hold up and they dont mulch or bag well at all in thick spring growth. Just bought a Honda HRR with the double blades and it mulches pretty well and bags great. The smart drive system is pretty cool. Really couldnt spend big bucks for a commercial mower. The craftsmans lasted 2 or three years. Hopefully this one will last longer. I dont use it everyday, but when i do its much faster and a much better cut than what i was using. Still using the old craftsmans to mow ditches and such though.
  9. Roger

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    I have a Toro Proline but it is only a secondary machine. I also have a staggered wheeled LawnBoy. The paradox between the two machines:

    Great piece of equipment, well built, reliable
    Not a very good cut, not a very good bagging machine

    Great cut, great with the side bagger
    Terrible piece of equipment, bad detailed parts (e.g. cables, wheels), and terrible with the DuraForce engine.

    We use them side-by-side, so can compare the cuts and bagging functions. 95% of our use is with the bagger. The staggered wheel models, with the DuraForce engine is no longer manufactured (three years?), and the models with the B&S engines stopped being shipped as of January 1, 2008 (I think?).

    Now, for the new LawnBoy commercial mowers, they have been under consideration by me as well. I looked closely during the Winter, but didn't buy. I started the season with the LB DuraForce, but it continues to give me fits. When I made a decision to buy a new LB model 22271, I called, just to be sure they had one in stock. Five dealers later, I found that nobody has any in stock, haven't had any for a long time (sold out the early inventory stock), and are being quoted "sometime in June for next delivery," if given any information at all. The dealers were not happy because "we could have sold a bunch of them."

    I learned that LB does not have the Honda GSV engines in order to complete the manufacturing of more machines. I asked LB directly, and was told they plan to start production June 3.

    In other words, if you decide you want to buy one, you cannot -- nobody has any stock. And, dates for next deliveries to dealers are vague, at best. If LB will begin production on June 3, first deliveries are bound to be sparse. And, clearly the demand is pent up. Dealers will be asking full price, IF they have any machines to sell for several weeks.

    Clearly, this is a fiasco by LB. They just rolled out a new product, was gaining some strength of market with early deliveries, then their flow of new machines stopped. Apparently the flow stoppage will be in the order of two months, right at the prime time of the season for buying new machines. Ouch!!!

    I know some folks on LS have the new machine, but they are not writing reviews. I have seen one machine in the neighborhoods that I work. I have not been able to speak with the contractor who is using the mower, but intend to do so soon.
  10. freshprince94

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    Metro 21. It has the eXmark deck.

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