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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by bare spot, May 14, 2008.

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    got an old white 21 w/tecumseh engine and thinking about switching out the engine, either new (saw new one pretty cheap) or from a mower some bodys ready to dump. anyway, never done this but seams easy enough, would think if find the same size engine it should be pretty quick job, but is this job as simple as it looks? would i need any other things, gaskets seals, etc, besides the replacement engine? gonna keep needing a beater mower mower for hand full of jobs and figure since this is still useable and got parts laying around for it might as well keep it running. thanks
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    In high school, I only used mowers I built out of curbside finds, "marrying" good engines on rusted out decks with good decks with shot motors. (I was cheap.) I could usually get a year out of them. My current backup 21 is found Yardman highwheel deck with a Honda GC engine from a Craftsman deck I bought new and wore out all the brackets on.


    1. Most engines (Tecumseh, Briggs, and Honda I have experience with) will bolt into the mounting holes of most decks; however the length of the crankshaft can vary, so sometimes you may have to use so washers on the mounting bolts so the blade doesn't hang too low. This is less of a problem with newer engines/mowers.

    2. Always keep and reuse the blade adapter that comes with the engine. The design of keys, the type of bolt, etc. can vary between engines.

    3. The OPS cable and throttle cable can also be a problem. The donor engine may use a different design, so you may need to swap the handle too, if possible.
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    I too have been down that road long ago and too many times to remember on swapping motors as mentioned. But my opinion..due to the complications mentioned..I'd just look for another beater- majority of them tossed out just need good carb clean and tune up. If the mower has a 'personal' touch that you really like,or deck is near mint- then go for it..but otherwise save yourself some headache and just replace with another beater. One of my best trim mowers was a freebe given to me- a high wheel MTD (which brand I don't care a whole lot for) with a 4hp B&S. That mower was easy to push- light to lift- and started everytime. Just my opinion- all to their own thou. Geno
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    Beaters usually run from $119.00 to $149.00.

    You're just giving yourself an ulcer.
  5. bare spot

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    great responses, (mowisme put feelings on it good) so thinking if i should do it, want to. anyway, last i used it was still running so gonna use it and see what happens for now, keep eye out for an engine. (btw looking at deck it's 20 in, typed that wrong) again thanks

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