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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GreenShoesLC, Jun 24, 2010.

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    Honda HRC all the way! We ran 21" push snappers for 25 years and about 6 years ago we switched to the Hondas. There is a world of difference. The Honda's are pretty much bulletproof. They just keep running. We were constantly changing wheel bearings and hangers on the snappers, not to mention replacing work chutes and cracked decks. I was skeptical when we bought the first two Hondas but after comparing the two machines over a 6 month period there was a world of difference and so we phased the Snappers out and bought Hondas. One of the best things we ever did. We have about 16 Hondas.
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    What is the model of Honda are you using....I live a block away from my local Honda dealer and would like to deal there. They are not the friendliest bunch, but it would be connievient.

    What is the price of a new Pro-21...If you don't mind me asking?
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    Anybody ever use the Honda HRS2164PDC. This is the cheapest one Honda makes. It's on special for $369 up here in Canada. It can side discharge and mulch and weighs only 62 lbs. Was thinking of trying one out.
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    currently i'm using a 2005 toro commercial 21. i picked the unit up brand new from my dealer this year for $500. they got a deal on them from toro who had them new in box. they aren't self propelled but the thing cuts excellent, bags great and mulches just about as well.

    i'm not sure you could find this same deal on the same machine but if the 2010 models perform at least as well as my 2005 you can't go wrong with a toro commercial 21. and if you use them on all your accounts weekly then the $1500 they normally cost is very justifiable IMO.

    i only half about half a dozen places in a weeks time i use a 21 so i would never pay $1500 for one but since i found this one for $500 i snatched it up.
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    Tell me why you picked the PRO-21 over the others you tried?

    Now that you have used it a little what are your thoughts.

    I know that I really like mine and might just buy a second one soon.
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    I picked the PRO-21 because it outbagged the other models that I demoed. It is very solid, has steel wheels and bearings (nice and durable), comfy handle, it comes with the kawi fj180 that is a complete beast.

    The other models I tried were both really good too. You can't knock the Toro Commercial 21 or the Honda HRC. However, the Ariens was at least up to par with both of these machines. At $849.99 it was a steal compared to the Toro for $1499.99 and the Honda for $1349.99.

    I've used it for a little while now and I'm happy with my decision. It's bulletproof (although heavy, but hey, all commercials are!), it has great suction and lays down nice lines without a striper (although I'm going to fashion one up for it to use on some of my smaller contracts).

    The Kawi 180 is great. has plenty of power and sounds great. I would wear earmuffs though. It's loud. One of the small features that I didn't originally notice was the bumper/carrying handle in front of the engine. It's great for loading (although I use a trailer most often) and if you have a moron using the mower it protects against damage to the engine from impact.

    All in all, super hapy with the purchase, would recommend one to anybody.
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    I have the commercial Honda 21" push mower. I don't know the ID number but it's the $1200 one.

    Biggest waste of $1200 I've ever spent. I should have bought a $400 Lowe's machine three times than to have bought this mower.

    Very tough and durable, not too hard to maneuver, cut quality sucks. Leaves mohawks and uncut rows if the fescue is fairly thick. Not what you'd expect from a $1200 push mower.

    Did I mention this mower cost $1200?
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    I don't bag unless I let it over grow which has been happening to me this spring because of all the rain.

    I bought a commercial toro 21 from accurate ($1350:rolleyes:) I hate how much it costs but it outlasted all my recyclers and super recyclers which are all crap. The only thing is that the bagging system on the heavey duty commercial sucks. It does bag well but emptying it is a pita.

    another thing, if you don't buy your mower from a dealer here in winnipeg then it will take them 3 weeks to fix it for you even if you've bought other stuff there. At least that's how accurate is.

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