21 Inch Commercial Push

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GreenShoesLC, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. unkownfl

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    We can dump for free here too, but I yet to see anyone actually use a bagger down here...
  2. Yard-Dawg

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    I have tried a lot of different avenues to dispose of the clippings & leaves.

    A few years ago I was able to take dry leaves in the fall and run them through my shredder mixed with old manure and then sell it back to some customers by the barrel (45 gal) in the spring, then get the job of roto-tilling them in....it was a win-win for all. But last year was real wet and then freeze up came so there was no dry leaves they were just soggy and would not shred.

    Clippings I have offered to deliver for free to a few horse owners on the outskirts of town but no takers. Since our compose program closed/failed there is only one option left and that is why I bag and leave on site.

    If anyone has a good solution for disposing of grass clippings I am all ears?

    I do have a couple of customers that request that we just dump them in the garden area and then they spread them around to walk on between rows and in the fall they get tilled in.....that is an ideal situation but not all customers have a garden. :cry:

    The best would be to find a buyer for them...lol
  3. Lawncutting27

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    Actually I don't bag. I DO bag but only when absolutely necessary, over grown too much etc. When I do have to bag I leave it at the customers, our city picks up clippings. 90% of the time I use my 36 toro and it has a mulch kit on it, no bagging at all.
  4. yardguy28

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    our city turns the leaves, shrub clipping and leaves into great dirt that is free if you load it yourself and $6.50 if you have them load it.

    the larger stuff like tree branches and what not get shreaded and turned into free mulch if you load it $5.00 if you have them load it.

    yeah i think they should be paying us for it but thats not the way it works here. residentials dump for a min. of $1 and commercial guys min is $4.
  5. S man

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    Okay I have to correct you guys on this.
    I have several snappers including the hi vac with the kawasaki you both had. Lets take a look at these "problems" you talk of,
    1. S/p Engage lever, What's not to like about it? It is one of the easiest to use s/p. I don't even have to put the lever all the way down. It just takes some getting used to. From experience I would rather use it than the honda hrc or toro comm. s/p designs. Also when on the trailer, engage the lever and put a piece of wire around it. It won't snag and will not roll.

    2. Pull rope routing, It is stupid. So a little modifying is necessary. Take off the recoil rope housing and replace it where the rope goes straight back to the handle instead of going around the bag tube.

    3. Bag design? It is one of the easiest bags to take off and empty if you have the slide catcher.

    All in all the snapper is a great mower.
  6. joed

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    Excellent points. Around my neck of the woods here, most of the suburban lots are 2 000 to 5000/6 000 sq. feet of turf. A lot of them are heavy landscaped too. I've tried a 32" and 36" mowers on them but they don't work very well. I've also tried a 32" Wright Stander and a 34" Exmark Phazer. They work better than the walk-behinds but lots of customers complain about the ruts these two machines leave and they don't fit into people's backyards. So, from my experience, a good 21" commercial mower seems to be the best bet. It may take you a bit longer but you make that up with reduced overhead costs too.
  7. Yard-Dawg

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    If I was to buy a Snapper Hi-Vac mower and then had to take is and wire the SP lever so it will not snag on things AND even after that I can only operate it with my right hand AND then fix the recoil so it will not get tangeled in the chute design AND then fight with that stupid bag design that is nothing more than an old side discharge deck converted to a rear bag....I would hang my head in shame for buying it!

    Like I have said before, it is designed by an idiot that does not use a mower! :laugh:
  8. balreadysaid

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    i just recieved my toro comercial 21 today and i can say it is rigid as alll hell and i like the way it is built. i looked a lawboy and the super bagger which is the same and im a snapper guy who used snappe his whole life. the toro is really nice has a gsv190 engine which gives is a litlle bit more torque than the comercial hondas and has the toro deck which from my perspective is second to none when it comes to getting the job done. the rigid setup is fine for a few looks but we will see how rigid it stays after a few weeks!
  9. bare spot

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    what mower is that, old lanwboy 22272 now in red? hane one, going on 5yrs, still going stromg. when or if need to bag does good, little lighter to some mowers but for the use i put it through, it's been holding up,
  10. S man

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    That's the mower I'm looking at getting to go with my mulching snappers.

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