21 inch Honda to a 50 inch Dixie

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by McCarty'sLawncare, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. McCarty'sLawncare

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    Hey all I been in the buisness for the past 15 years using 21 inch mowers and helping other friends of mine in the lawncare buisness. Using a HRC216HXA on some thick St Augustine yards. I did that for around 3 years straight just using a 21 inch mower. Which did me some good besides killing my legs on some of these half a acre yards. It got me into a few high class neighborhoods with some pretty big accounts that would take 3 hrs just to cut with the mower. Everybody loved it till the point the felt sorry for me... :) I made relationships with my customers in my mind thinking if Im so different then the rest like these guys on the riders out they go here I come quick money it shorter time was my goal. Then became to the point I couldnt do it all and provide that kinda quality especially when they didnt wanna pay extra then the last guy they fired due to ripping up their yards. BUT.... These guys like you all well most of you are making the real money and still can walk at the end of the day, using riders or w/b's I was looking for a well built mower knowing that a Dixie and a Toro dealer opened 3 mins. away from my house. I had 6300.00 walked in saying this is gonna be my 1st rider. The sticker was 6999.00 on a silver eagle 25 hp Generac. He gave it to me for 6,000 and a 50 inch cut. All I gotta say now is wow!!! What a difference. Im treating this mower like my 1st child. Im gonna buy a enclosed trailer coming up on Monday. I might take a look at Bob's trailer in the Florida area I think somewhere in Sanford or feather light. Thanks for reading.
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    3 hours on one lawn with a 21" mower in Florida??? God bless ya...you must have the stamina of Lance Armstrong :clapping:

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    Congrats !!! Good luck and man do I want an enclosed trailer bad
  4. CutsForLess

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    I use a dixie and have 200 hrs so far and love it. The only thing I have done is routine maint. oil, filters, belts. You will here some people here say they dont like them but they are like anything elese sometimes you get a lemon. I got a 16' enclosed trailer this year and I love it. No more loading and unloading which I love. You also dont have to worry about anybody stealing anything if you stop at the store or something. Anyway congrats on the new purchase.
  5. McCarty'sLawncare

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    Thanks guys shes a beauty Im almost afraid to get her dirty. Knowing this is my 1st rider I was gonna get that Toro w/b with the t 2 controls they wanted that for 6300 for a 52 inch deck. Someone knocked some sense into me and said if your gonna spend that much money get a rider. I will try to take some pics. Right now its sitting in the shed in the back yard but man those handles are so sensitive. :laugh: I cant wait to test the cut...
  6. McCarty'sLawncare

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    Ohh yeah some guy told me the rpm's at full throttle are like around 3500 rpm's Got 1 more stupid question the blade tip speed on this machine is around 19500? compared to most mowers that are 18,500 I guess u say spins per min.?

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