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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ITL, Jul 25, 2004.

  1. ITL

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    Question. I am considering adding a 21 inch Lawn Boy Commercial 3 speed for use on small residential lots (6,000 square foot or less) that have landscaping timbers/steps I need to move mower over to access divided yard sections. I have a 21 inch Toro Proline 3 speed with the 6.5HP Kawasaki that works great for flat small yards but it is heavy to move over elevation changes.

    Does the stepped wheel cause an extra wheel track that is not desirable.

    How durable is the 6.5 HP Dura-force engine

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    Ive been running lawn boys for eight years now. They are without a doubt, the easiest to fix. The first dura force I bought is now 4 years old. Just this year I had to clean the carb. Have yet to buy a part for that engine. Cuts really well. Lots of power. I dont have any that are self propelled. Pain in the ass when something in the drive system goes. Hope this helps.
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    The staggered wheel does leave a mark. I don't find it undesirable. The Dura-force engine is a powerhouse.

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