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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GSL 23, Oct 12, 2003.

  1. GSL 23

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    Right now I have a 21 inch commercial Ariens and a commercial 21 inch lawn boy that are about 8 years old and I am not to happy with them and feel that they are getting old. I would like to replace them with some new 21 inch mowers. I have used the commercial Toro and really liked it. But I would like some ideas from you guys. If you have pics please attach them. Thank you.

  2. pinnacle

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    Here ya go............The Hondas have been great for me over the 4 years I've used em.

  3. proenterprises

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    i have had good luck with lawnboys but yes you are right they do get old.

    i recently purchased a STANLEY (MTD) 26" wb with catering wheels 6.5 hp BS engine runs great

    for it for under 400-

    do a search for them
  4. Sauls1686

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    I was thinking about buying that Stanley. Looked cheap but then the price was in the basement.

    Let me know how it works after you have put some hours on it.

  5. challenger55

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    i would get a honda i love mine its a hrc215
  6. sildoc

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    I do belive hondas have it. 216 5.5 power. ONLY draw back is the weight. but that is a minor one. It will suck the ba##s of a elephant if you don't watch yourself. Bags excelent and mulches well. stripes on thick lawns are to die for, thin ones well go buy a murry.
  7. LawnMowerMan2003

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    I've never been able to afford the $900 for a new commercial 21", but I did not like my Honda Harmony very much, after the first year or so. I've also used LawnBoy, Snapper, and John Deere. I liked the 6 speed John Deere with a Kawasaki, which was decent for an older $200 mower, but started to give too many problems after a couple of years. I think my favorite would be Snapper, which seemed to give the least trouble with self-propel (I think I replaced one cable, and a couple of pulleys and belts, but nothing like the $200 or so the dealer wanted to fix broken transmissions on the Honda and John Deere. Snappers have very little plastic crap on them. I haven't used it but I have a good feeling about that commercial Snapper with the 2-cycle Robin. The Kawasaki has probably been the best engine I've used.
  8. Rustic Goat

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    Honda Commercial.
    Your dissatisfaction with your current mowers, is it because they're giving you trouble, or because they're old and you want shiny and new?:)
  9. The Dude

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    I have serveral older Ariens 21" caster wheel mowers one with a Tecumseh and 2 with Briggs, both 6.5 hp. and I love them to death. The manuverability of the caster wheels makes fixed axle mowers obsolete. The only problem i have with them is parts availability. The dealer I deal with is about 25 min from here and I hate driving out there, Nice people though. The parts are really expensive as well, I had to replace 2 transmissions and they weren't cheap at all.

    This past year I bought a Cub Cadet 21" caster wheel mower from Lowes. It is ok and does the job well but I like the ariens infinite speed control better than fixed gears. If I ever needed another trim mower I would probably go back to the ariens.
  10. maple city

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    Honda Commercial.

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